Zinc deficiency? 10 foods that will help you add this mineral to your diet

The zinc It is a nutrient that people need to maintain good health, it is usually found in the cells of the entire body, mainly helping the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses that invade the body. It should also allude to the fact that the organism needs the zinc to make proteins and DNAwhich should be ingested during pregnancy, infancy and childhood.

According to information from National Institutes of Health, the body needs at least 2mg zinc (babies), until 13mg (lactating adolescents). It is important to note that it will also depend largely on age and is needed from 6 months of age to older adults, who will need less content. 11mg Highlighting all this, we must allude to the fact that the consumption of zinc It is very important and therefore, you should take into account some foods.