With restaurants almost full, Rosario prepares to live the Day of the Friend

After two years of pandemic, gastronomics today expect a large number of customers due to traditional Friends day It brings together groups of different ages. both in Pichincha like in Pellegrini record large number of reservations. To go out to eat, you have to calculate at least 2 thousand pesos per person.

But Not all entrepreneurs in the field are optimistic. There are those who maintain that although there are special dates, in which sales pick up (such as the Day of the Friend), nothing is enough to recover from the great losses left by the pandemic. To this is also added the economic debacle that the country is experiencing. For this reason, many people from Rosario will choose to celebrate friendship in private homes. asking for delivery or eating to the basket.

expectations and fears

From the Hotel Gastronomic and Related Business Association of Rosario (Aehgar) they were optimistic. “We are sure that we are going to have 100% occupancy,” said the head of the entity, Carlos Mellano.

“It will be a beautiful, important day. There are many tourists from Buenos Aires and the weather is nice, so we hope there will be a lot of people”, continued Mellano, who pointed out that since yesterday the gastronomic venues began to fill up with groups of friends.

The businessman said that inflation “is hitting hard”, because they have an increase of between 18 and 35 percent in all products. “We have to be very careful when transferring prices to the customer because we know that people’s purchasing power does not recover quickly,” said the businessman. Because of this, they consider that they will have a lot of work, but that will not be reflected in the profitability of the business.

“We hope that Friendship Day will continue to be celebrated and that people go out to celebrate at gastronomic venues, but we will see what happens,” he clarified and commented that, unlike other years, this time there were people who chose to go out to breakfast before dinner, for a cost issue.

For his part, Reinaldo Bacigalupo, from the Rosario Gastronomic Union (Ugar), said: “We are in a bad way and this situation cannot be saved with one day, even if the premises are full.”

“We had a bad winter, and to this is added the economic situation of the country. gastronomy is happening the worst situation since 2009 to this part”, he opined.

Merchants complained about the amount of taxes and fees they have to face in addition to the debts accumulated in the pandemic. Some have even stopped offering live shows because they can’t afford the costs. They will stop playing music and turn off the televisions.

Prices and menus

To celebrate friendship, bars are offering boards and snacks to share, and pint-sized pizza promos. Prices vary between 2,000 and 3,500 pesos per person.

In Pichincha you can get a menu with starter, main course, dessert and drink for 3,000 pesos. And there are also options of snacks and pizzas for about 2,500.

As for breweries, there are places that offer happy hour drinks and pizzas for two thousand pesos.

In grills or more sophisticated places, it is estimated a cost of 4 thousand pesos per person for a dinner.

The restaurants offer welcome drinks, winery gifts and three-course menus with prices from 4,000 and 6,500 pesos.

For a snack or breakfast they are offering from basic options for 400 pesos to the most sophisticated and complete for a thousand.

But not only the gastronomic offer options to celebrate friendship, also the hotels joined and there are even travel agencies that propose “getaways” with friends.

The highest category hotels in Rosario launched day spa options combined with a gastronomic proposal with prices ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 pesos per person.

First experience with “zero alcohol”

This is the first Friendship Day in which the zero alcohol regulation applies with unrestricted activity, since certain restrictions were still in place last year. The Municipality and the Province will inspect cars and motorcycles jointly in the gastronomic corridors and in other strategic points such as the entrances and exits of the city, taking into account that many celebrations could take place in the surrounding cities.

As for public spaces, there will be a control presence for those who want to move their celebration to squares and parks. It is expected that there will be more groups in the afternoon than at night, due to temperature issues. Work will be done to avoid alcohol consumption in these places. Agents that detect this behavior are guaranteed to hijack beverages.

In terms of mobility, it is planned that some 1,200 taxis.