Windows 11 22H2: Best news in the update

THE Microsoft will launch in the coming months the Windows 11 22H2, the biggest update to date of the company’s new operating system. The update can now be tested by members of the Insiders program and shows some of the main changes that will be present in the edition.

As expected, the update will feature features awaited by Windows 11 users, including functions that were expected at the release of the operating system. While we still don’t have a date for the distribution of the 22H2 version, check out some of the news that will be present in the update below!

Folders and other Start Menu improvements

The big Windows 11 update promises to bring significant improvements to the Start menu. For starters, the menu will now have the option to split icons into folders. To do this, just drag the apps to group them.

The new Start Menu will also feature customization improvements, including different layouts that prioritize shortcuts or application icons. User can choose their favorite display scheme in Personalization > Start within Windows Settings.

Tabs in File Explorer and Home

In addition to the Start Menu, the File Explorer will receive interesting news with Windows 11 2H22. The main change is the support for tabs: just like in browsers, the user will be able to open the folders in the same window, being able to switch between them easily.


The novelty can be used by pressing a “+” button that appears when opening folders in Windows Explorer. The file explorer also has the option to open directories in new tabs in the menu available with a right mouse click.

Another novelty introduced is a “Home”, which appears in Portuguese with the “Start“, with shortcuts to major directories, favorites and recent items. The new system edition will also bring visual and productivity improvements, such as updated icons and the ability to easily select multiple files and folders.

Improvements in Snap Layouts

The function Snap Layouts allows you to easily organize windows in Windows 11. With the 22H2 update, the tool will become even more powerful.

Whenever the user holds a window with the mouse button, Snap Layouts will display a shortcut at the top of the screen to organize the display division. Also, when pressing Alt + Tab or holding down the mouse button in an open app, Windows 11 will display the window previews in the division chosen by the user.

Drag and Drop to taskbar

A simple change, but long awaited by users, the drag and drop function files on the taskbar will return to Windows 11 with the new update. The tool allows you to grab files with the mouse, bring them to the taskbar and place them in programs that are open, whether to upload them in the browser or open them in editors such as Photoshop, for example.

While there are already some workarounds to allow the use of the function, the native return of the option will certainly please Windows 11 users.

new shortcuts

In addition to new functions, Windows 11 22H2 will also feature more shortcuts to facilitate user productivity. The arrival of the tabs is accompanied by two new commands: the Ctrl + T to create new tabs and the Ctrl + W to close them.

In addition, Microsoft also equipped the system with the Ctrl + Shift + Cwhich allows you to copy the path of apps and shortcuts easily in Windows 11.

While the big update still doesn’t have a date to arrive, users in a hurry can already download it by entering Windows Insider. See how to join the program here and experience what’s new in Windows 11 before the updates are officially released.