Who is the “Giant” Ruberto, the 16-year-old jewel of River Plate who shone in the Under 17 National Team and already has a professional contract

Agustín Ruberto celebrates one of his goals with the shirt of the Argentine team (@MasGrandeRP)

In addition to promoting good football in their teams, River Plate it is characterized by being an inexhaustible pool of young talents; something that is evident when seeing talents such as Julián Álvarez, Enzo Fernández or Santiago Simón shine under the command of Marcelo Gallardo.

One of the projects that has made the most noise in recent times is that of Augustine Rubert, partner of Diablito Etcheverry in the Seventh Division. The Giantas he is nicknamed in the club millionaireis 16 years old and He comes from shining with the shirt of the Argentine Under 17 team in the Mondial Football Montaigu tournament in France.

The River forward showed all his talent with the Argentina shirt

His love story with the ball was born when he was little, when at the age of four he began going to the Barrionuevo baby soccer club located in the San Fernando area, province of Buenos Aires. Two years later, during a marathon day of matches, Pablo Espiñeira, one of Parque Chas’ talent recruiters, was overwhelmed by a defender who stood out for his physical power.

Fate wanted River Plate to get in his way. Product of a friendship with the goalkeeper of his team, he attended a test in the children’s Millionaire in 2011. Christian López, coach and coordinator of the categories that participate in the Metropolitan League of the Núñez entity was in charge of “taking an exam”. After three days of seeing him up close, they signed him without hesitation.

River Plate signed a contract with the 16-year-old striker from the Seventh Division Agustín Ruberto (Photo: @agustinruberto9)
River Plate signed a contract with the 16-year-old striker from the Seventh Division Agustín Ruberto (Photo: @agustinruberto9)

With the passage of time, Ruberto got used to his body and stopped being a player who won only by physical power to be someone more technical. Noticing this change, Fabián Mazza decided to place him as a center forward, making the area his natural habitat so as not to stop breaking the nets.

I consider myself a 9 in the area, with a good aerial game. I hit him with both legs and pivot well. What I need is to calm down a little more in the definition, which is something that I am working hard on. From River the one I liked a lot was Borré, because he goes to all of them. Outside I like Robert Lewandowski, because he is a very technical player, ”explained the Giant (1.80 meters and 74 kilos) in dialogue with The Radio Machine.

His first steps through the children’s with the red band crossed on his chest were promising, since he came out champion against Boca, doing the Olympic lap in La Candela with the help of baby Alonzo. The following year, after participating in an international tournament in Venice, Italy, he was undefeated champion in the AFA tournament.

Agustín Ruberto in action during a superclásico against Boca (Photo: @agustinruberto9)
Agustín Ruberto in action during a superclásico against Boca (Photo: @agustinruberto9)

Sergio Spataro, currently in charge of coordinating the club’s Metropolitan League – Juveniles Menores, was the first to encourage his scoring appetite. He promised him a River Plate shirt depending on his scoring average. The young man met the goal a date earlier, thus keeping his first original shirt from the institution.

That voracity and facility to mark never went out. On the contrary, it increased. After a break of approximately a year and a half as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the ball rolled again in Argentine youth soccer and Ruberto unstitched it in the Eighth Division. Although his team finished as the best positioned of the year, they fell in the final against Vélez at the Mariani Dolan de Platense venue. However, the striker closed his campaign with brilliant numbers: 16 goals in 13 presentations (one was in the definition of the contest).

“Agustín is an area 9 who also knows how to go out and play if the game requires it. He knows how to play very well from behind. He knows and is very strong as a pivot so that his teammates enter the downloads. He also has a lot of power when he’s facing the goal. He is a very good finisher and has a very good aerial game”, he explained to Infobae Martín Pellegrino, now coach of the Eighth Division of River Plate. .

Connoisseurs of the inferiors of the Núñez entity maintain that he has a remarkable ability to score and that he does not need many chances to convert. “His greatest virtue is that the goal is very easy for him. From the right, from the left, from the head. Situations are createdas happened in the match with Brazil”, they remarked to this site from the inferiors of the Núñez entity

Of course, the other great incentive for Agustín is the recurrent presence of Marcelo Gallardo in the River Camp watching carefully the youth games millionaires. “The fact that the First Division coach is looking at you gives you one more strength, a double motivation,” he outlined.

Agustín Ruberto, number 9 of the Argentine Sub 17 (Photo: @agustinruberto9)
Agustín Ruberto, number 9 of the Argentine Sub 17 (Photo: @agustinruberto9)

In the halls of Monumental they took note of his talent and they did not hesitate to offer him a professional contract despite his young age. “Youth striker Agustín Ruberto (2006 category) signed his first contract with the club. The link extends until December 2024. Keep growing, Agustín!”, With those words, River Plate announced the news on its social networks.

His goals caught the attention of two former millionaires such as Diego Placente and Pablo Aimar, who called him up to be the area reference for the U-17 Argentine team at the Mondial Football Montaigu in France. The native of Buenos Aires did not disappoint, scoring three goals in four presentations, highlighting his goal against Brazil in the final. Ruberto smelled blood and did not hesitate. He found a ball inside the area, controlled it with his abdomen and rehearsed a remarkable pirouette on his back to level the actions in the classic.

Belgium and local France were also on their list of victims. The only one who was saved from suffering his hunger for goals was the Netherlands.

Agustín Ruberto is also standing out in the team led by Javier Alonso. The striker participated in two of the three matches of the Seventh Division championship and scored two goals: one in the debut against Lanús and another against Atlético Tucumán as a visitor.

Everything indicates that in River Plate there is a guaranteed goal promise.


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