Which are the coaches that sound like possible successors of Battaglia in Boca Juniors: the situation of each one

The dance of names of possible substitutes for Battaglia in Boca has already begun

Sebastian Battaglia He directed the last practice of Boca Juniors, but remained under the microscope of the Football Council for the short-term future. The results of the team -and also the yields- will be essential to hold on to the position. “I always have strength”, mentioned the xeneize coach, who held a dialogue with the members of the group led by Juan Román Riquelme at the Ezeiza venue. At the bottom, some names are being considered as possible replacements.


They took over as technical duo from the Reserve when Battaglia was promoted to the First Division to replace Miguel Ángel Russo. Boca’s second team won the last league in the category and also won the Champions Trophy from Sarmiento de Junín. Without experience with professional teams, they would be a help wheel to decompress and wait for a substitute to arrive at the club permanently. In principle, they are not listed as long-term cards.


Uruguayan coach, 43 years old. He began his career as a strategist at Nacional de Montevideo and had a successful stint at Talleres de Córdoba, where he paradoxically lost the last Copa Argentina final against Boca. He has just been fired from Inter de Porto Alegre and, since he does not have a club, he appears as one of the most viable candidates due to hierarchy, weight and taste of the Football Council. At this time he is finalizing details in Brazil to sign his departure and will travel to Uruguay to analyze several proposals that he has on the table (he was sounded out by the United States, Mexico and Qatar). As far as he could tell Infobaerelatives with arrival at CDF de Boca contacted him informally.


One of Boca’s top idols, 48 ​​years old. With a current contract at Aldosivi de Mar del Plata, he is planning a brilliant campaign that keeps him as one of the animators of Zone B of the League Cup. In the last transfer market he made contact with Juan Román Riquelme for the loan of youth players for the Shark (closed Nicolás Valentini and Agustín Lastra). The Titan He would have the back to take on the challenge, but he would seek to respect his bond in La Feliz, as he stated in the conference after the victory against Tigre: “My contract is valid and I will give my best to the club. I don’t know where the rumors come from (there was talk of a short circuit with the manager), perhaps they don’t know me and they don’t know how I am on a day-to-day basis, how I am in the club and with the responsibility that I assumed this challenge, this possibility that gave the Moscuzza family to come to Aldosivi”. It doesn’t seem to be the right time for the Mad.


Three of the coaches with the highest weight today in Argentine soccer who would go along the same lines as Martín Palermo: respect their current contracts with the clubs that hired them. Domínguez, one of those who sounded the most in Boca after Russo’s departure, focuses on improving Independiente’s present (he signed until the end of the year). Gago, who is excited about fighting for the League Cup and the South American Cup with Racing, has a contract until December. Beccacece shares sporting objectives in a Defense and Justice team that has been imposing its stamp on the field for a long time and will also remain in Florencio Varela until the end of 2022. They are drinkable alternatives that they like, but that are not available at the moment.


Considered elite DT, 44 years old. Despite not having had a history with Boca, he is conspicuously one of the most widely accepted in the opinion of the fan. His last experience was at Atlanta United of the MLS, which he ended early due to poor results and managerial decision. Previously, he had excellent campaigns with Argentinos Juniors (he promoted him to Primera) and Vélez, whom he took from the bottom of the average table until taking him to the international cups. He is one of those technicians who claim to have “the key to the club” to work on all aspects and gets involved from amateur football, which leads to a question: would he be compatible with the Boca Football Council? The Gringo and Riquelme shared the national team and share a reciprocal good rating.

Luis Zubeldia:

Another of those considered “young coaches”, 41 years old. He left Lanús at the end of last season and was close to being hired by San Lorenzo. He opted to take a few months off to focus on the family. He was tempted by Liga de Quito some time ago and rejected the proposal. He now accepted the offer from the Ecuadorian team that competes in the Copa Sudamericana.


Coach from Peru, 64 years old. An old dream of the Boca World. El Tigre qualified the white and red team for the international playoff against the winner of Australia and the United Arab Emirates and only in June will he know if he is released or not. It is, if necessary, a drinkable alternative in case the Peruvians do not get into the Qatar 2022 World Cup from the next semester (either because the Council kept Battaglia in office or chose to give the internship to the Ibarra-Ibarra duo). Serne).


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