what to expect from Apple’s announcements at this week’s event

Apple will hold its annual developer conference, the WWDC 2022 (Worldwide Developer Conference), starting this Monday (6th). After two years 100% virtual because of covid-19, the event will be hybrid (in person and online), starting at 2 pm (Brasilia time).

As usual, the company is expected to announce new features in its operating systems today. The biggest expectation is for iOS 16, iPhone. Interestingly this year, the market has not seen any major leaks with advance details about these upcoming changes.

What is known is that, if Apple repeats the trend of previous years, the event will still introduce new features for the systems of the iPad, Apple Watch and its computers.

Here are five rumored updates Apple could bring to the public today — and what not to expect from this week’s WWDC (conference ends June 10).

1. Improved Focus Mode

In iOS 15, Apple introduced the Focus Mode feature, with the aim of helping people in moments of concentration, minimizing distractions and automating the routine. The feature is expected to undergo improvements, such as whitelisting certain notifications for dedicated focus.

2. Always-on screen

A strong rumor involving the next iPhone 14 (which should be released in September this year with iOS 16) is the possibility of the screen being always on (always on display), even when the phone is in sleep mode — when the phone is not in use.

It’s a feature already seen on the Apple Watch and helps save battery as the bezel doesn’t need to be turned on. Generally, information such as the time and notifications of messages and calls are visible on the screen without the need to press anything or lift the smartphone for the display to be activated.

3. Differentiated notifications (and more emojis)

The visual aspect must remain as in the last releases; the interface must preserve the layout and further improve the integration with widgets. However, there is speculation that the notification system will have significant improvements (not yet detailed).

The company has already made some recent changes, such as the introduction of Notification Summaries. New emojis are also likely to be released. In version 15.4, Apple added 42 new options to the catalog and now that number should go even higher.

4. Health data

Apple should also introduce more tools that will allow you to track your own health. Your Apple Watch, for example, already monitors your heart rate and distance traveled.

There are not many details, but the company has been investing for years in making these meters more accurate with a focus on health.

It is believed that it should paint new features on the iPhone and the company’s watch.

5. Bigger Apple Watch

Apple has been increasing the screen size of its smartwatch in recent years and it may be that it risks modifying it once again.

It is expected that the new version of the operating system, the WatchOS 9, also undergo improvements, to ensure user data collection. The main focus should be on health, with more advanced tracking of biological conditions and bodily activity.

Another addition could be the low power mode, which would help in optimizing some apps to save battery – one of the constant complaints of Apple Watch owners is that the battery doesn’t last.

6. iPadOS 16 with multitasking interface

Every year, rumors say that Apple will bring a better multitasking interface to iPadOS, the operating system for iPads.

An example of this is the use of two or more applications at the same time, which is especially useful on a device such as a tablet.

The latest rumors point out that the iPad will allow windows that can be resized – something similar to desktops. There aren’t many details about the improvements in this area.

Currently available resources are:

  • Split View: displays the apps side by side. They can be resized by dragging the slider between them.
  • Slide Over: an app appears in a smaller floating window, which you can drag to the left or right side of the screen.
  • Center window: can be opened in some apps, allowing you to focus on one item, such as an email or a note.

7. MacOS 13, aimed at Macs with the M1 processor

With macOS 12 Monterey, Apple has already introduced several unique features for Macs with the company’s M1 processor.

With the transition from Intel’s chips to its own complete, the company is likely to focus even more on improvements in this area in its software update.

8. New computer?

Information also circulates that Apple may launch its 2022 MacBook Air with two main highlights:

  • new colors: purple, orange, blue, red, yellow, green and silver/grey.
  • with the new generation of the processor made by the manufacturer: M2.

Bonus: what not to expect from the event

smart glasses

Rumors indicate that Apple is about to announce a new product category: mixed reality glasses. The launch may even take place in 2022, but there is little chance that this subject will appear in the WWDC.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who usually anticipates Apple’s news with behind-the-scenes information about the production line, says that the product is not yet in the factories. Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter who also regularly leaks about the brand, also says that the glasses will not be an issue at WWDC.

Employee unionization

Reporter Joanna Stern, from the US newspaper The Washington Post, recalled in a recent newsletter that every Apple event starts with images of happy employees in the company’s stores around the world. But in the US, many of these workers are facing employer pressure to be able to form unions — and thus advocate for greater labor rights. Will President Tim Cook bring it up? Unlikely.

controversial resources

Remember when Apple announced that it would start scanning all user photos stored on iCloud for child pornography images? The feature generated so much controversy (critics saw it as a breach of privacy protection) that Apple canceled the launch and never spoke about it again.

We will hardly hear more about this at WWDC.

*With text by Simone Machado, collaboration for Tilt, and information from Tom’s Guide