What happens with Piqué and the MULTIMILLIONARY SCANDAL of Spanish football

According to leaked conversations with Luis Rubiales, the Barcelona defender would have received -through the Kosmos Group- a multimillion-dollar commission from the RFEF to reorganize and move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

Spanish football lives convulsive days after what was the filtering of audios that left Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, at the center of the controversy. Specifically, the Spanish press uncovered what would have been a multimillion-dollar commission charged by the footballer -through his business group- from the RFEF within the framework of the Spanish Super Cup.

Gerard Piqué, accused of collecting a multimillion dollar sum from the Royal Spanish Football Federation

According to the conversations leaked by the Spanish media The confidential, Piqué would have benefited from a multimillion-dollar commission through the Kosmos Group to transfer the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. As they add, it was Rubiales who pressured the Riyadh authorities to pay around 24 million euros to the defender of the blaugrana, something that later tried to hide in the final contract.

One of the most incendiary tests against the defender and the president of the RFEF is an audio in which you can hear Rubiales congratulate the footballer for the economic return of the operation: “Geri, congratulations. And I’m not referring to yesterday’s great game or your goal. I mean that it is already after 12 o’clock and therefore the agreement with Saudi Arabia is already firm. A hug, thanks for everything and here I am for whatever you need“.

Audio Piqué-Rubiales IV


Audio Piqué-Rubiales IV

Piqué himself also appears in the leaked audios, explaining to Rubiales the strategy designed to pressure the match to be played in Saudi Arabia, generating economic returns for all: “Let’s see, Rubi, if it’s a matter of money, if they (Real Madrid) would go for eight… Holy shit, man: eight are paid to Madrid and eight to Barça… The others (Atlético de Madrid and Valencia) are paid two and one… There are 19, and the Federation keeps six kilos, man. Before you keep nothing, you keep six kilos. And we put pressure on Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll get them out… we tell them that if not, Madrid won’t go… and we’ll get a stick or two more out of them“.

Audio Piqué-Rubiales II


Audio Piqué-Rubiales II

Regarding the famous commission, There is a third audio in which Piqué would explain the mechanism with which he would have ended up collecting the money from the RFEF, indirectly: “Rubi, he is referring not to the fact that you pay the commission, but that in the end we have tried to remove the 25 million commission. So you receive the 25 million without the commission. He is saying that we should not squeeze him so much, that in the end the commission would be reduced from you, but you would not pay it, they would pay it. He would keep 10 percent of 25, two and a half, and they would pay you 22 and a half. The commission would be separate, which would be paid by them, don’t worry about that. He is simply saying to consider, instead of taking the commission out of the equation, expect the commission to go into the price.“.

Audio Piqué-Rubiales III


Audio Piqué-Rubiales III

Through his channel TwitterGerard Piqué broke the silence and defended himself against the accusations against him, assuring that he had nothing to hide and that everything he had done had been legal.

I want to show my face because Everything we’ve done was legal, I have nothing to hide. What we did in Kosmos was a spectacular job. We have good connections in the Middle East, not just in Saudi Arabia. The people there told us that they wanted to bring official football to their country and, looking at the panorama, we talked to Mr. Rubiales to see if they were interested in moving the Super Cup outside of Spain. We proposed a format change. By accepting the change, He signed us the chance to look for possible options, we were talking with Miami too, they had a proposal from Qatar from another agency and in the end they decided to go to Arabia. Officially we collect commission from a Saudi Arabian government company. We do not have any agreement or any commercial deal with the RFEF. In no case do we charge anything from the RFEF“, maintained the footballer culé.

Manolo Lama attacked Gerard Piqué

Regarding the filtered audios, Piqué assured that El Confidencial previously communicated with him and he told them that he did not care if they were filtered or notbeing that he does not believe he has done anything illegal: “They called me last week and I told them I didn’t care because I don’t have to hide from anything. We are talking about something totally legal. The only illegal thing is that something private has been leaked to the press. In 2019 this news already came out when it was known that we were going to charge a commission“.

In line with the position of Gerard Piquéthe president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialesalso ruled out any type of illegal operation both in the change of format and in the transfer of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia: “Neither the Federation nor its president have taken anything“.

I did not agree on anything, I told Kosmos that the economic relationship was with Saudi Arabia and them. When we had a first offer of 25 million, we did not accept, because later we got 40. Neither the Federation nor its president have taken anything, we have acted with magnificent honesty. The management of the Federation is clear, transparent, clean, honest and, above all, beneficial for Spanish football. The Federation has not paid, does not pay or will pay anyone for this operation, we are talking about 400 million euros for Spanish football“, he said at a press conference.

Luis Rubiales, President of the RFEF

At the same time, seemed to point to Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, as the person responsible for orchestrating what he considers an operation against him, although he did not mention it, on the recommendation of his lawyer: “I know who benefits from all this and you too, but I’m not going to talk about them. If someone is capable of extracting information from my mobile, manipulating and lying, I have no doubt that I am on the good side and I will continue to be on the good side.“.

In the prelude to the duel before the Real society, Xavi Hernandezcoach of Barcelonahad a forceful phrase regarding the scandal in which he is involved Gerard Piqué: “He likes to be on people’s lips, this is like a drug for him“.

Xavi giving instructions to Piqué

We are antagonists. I prefer to be more cautious, he is not so much. But this is Pique. If he was distracted, I’m the first to tell him. But this gives you gasoline, it’s like a drug. He gives her adrenaline“, Said the technical director, making a difference with the player’s attitude, but assuring that it should not affect him in sports.

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