What effects does junk food have on the body?

As is well known, food is more than necessary to preserve the life of the human being, since it also involves taste and pleasure. Foods activate multiple responses from the senses, due to their variety of smells, flavors, textures and even the very experience that is created in the environment.

For this reason, as far as possible, people choose the dishes of their choice, sometimes without paying attention to whether they are healthy or not. This is how, for example, when going out with friends it is usual to opt for fast food or also called junk food.

According to the portal Don’t eat any more lies Foods that are subjected to various processes are grouped within this category, in which sugars, fats and other compounds that can be harmful to health are added, due to their low nutritional value.

“According to the Pan American Health Organization, these products are industrial inventions that, for the most part, contain few or no whole foods,” they explain from the platform.

The professionals’ warning points precisely to the fact that these foods are present in everyday life and in hundreds of preparations: from soft drinks, cookies, sweets, flavored drinks, to prepared foods such as hot dogs, pizzas, hamburgers.

Namely, products that can easily be found in a weekend ‘afternoon’. Although they are fully identifiable, their effects are not always so clear.

As they warn from the portal Take care Plus, continuous intake of processed or fast food is that it can interfere with proper digestion and the health of the body in general. Among the most notorious consequences, it is listed that it promotes an increase in body weight, because they tend to be preparations rich in calories and other substances that in excess can be harmful to health.

This situation is worrying for specialists, since it can lead to being overweight or obese, a condition that is considered a risk factor for the development of serious conditions such as diabetes or heart problems. According to better with health, This is so due to the contribution of trans and saturated fats to the body, which favors the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, this being an enemy of the good condition of the heart.

Additionally, the consumption of these foods tends to favor an imbalance in the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood, because they do not have greater amounts of fiber that contribute to regulate them.

In addition to the above, fast food can also alter the normal rhythm of the digestive system, depending on the ingredients that make up the dish. In this regard, it is pointed out that among the symptoms resulting from a heavy diet are listed the swelling of the abdominal area, constipation, irritation, stomach discomfort, even resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

Among more serious consequences, the portal of Eat no more lies indicates that including ultra-processed foods in the diet can be considered a risk factor for the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Now, this does not mean that you have to forget about pizzas with friends or ordering a hamburger to enjoy at home while watching a movie. In reality, the alert from the health authorities indicates that this type of diet is not the rule, but the exception.

Just as important is maintaining a balanced diet in general terms, engaging in regular physical activity and having healthy lifestyle habits that allow you to have that ‘taste’ from time to time. In no way does this article constitute a medical recommendation.