What are the foods that cause it?

The digestive system is one of the most important for the body, since it is in charge of processing the food and drinks that are ingested and absorbing what is necessary for the body.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the United States, the importance of the digestive system lies in the fact that “Chemically breaks down nutrients into small enough parts so that the body can absorb the nutrients and use them for energy, cell growth and repair.”

In that sense, Digestion is necessary for proper functioning of the stomach. but this could be truncated by conditions such as constipation.

No human body is alike, so while some people have proper digestion and bowel movement, there are those who find this process difficult and suffer from constipation.

It may be a common complication. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

Taking into account data shared by the Mayo Clinic, this condition is diagnosed when a subject has infrequent fecal dispositions, there are even cases in which a person lasts weeks without being able to enter the bathroom.

For health specialists, constipation can be common, but if it is not taken into account, there is a possibility of passing into a chronic state; to the point where it could affect daily activities and require increased strength when evacuating the bowels.

A person suffers from constipation if they experience symptoms such as: defecation less than three times a week, hard stools, increased force for the final disposal of solid waste, a feeling of obstruction in the rectum, among others, according to the aforementioned clinical institution.

For its part, the American Society of Clinical Oncology says that among the most frequent causes for which someone has constipation is low consumption of fiber foods, low water intake and lack of physical activity.

As for food, the intake of certain products is not so beneficial for the body. It is known that the World Health Organization (WHO) explains that in a healthy diet it is essential to incorporate the presence of fruits and vegetables, but some of these could cause constipation.

In that sense Men’s Health explains that The fact that certain products are classified as a healthy food does not mean that they are processed in the best way in the digestive system.

Chef Xavier Pellicer points out that it is important "maintain a balance between the pleasure of eating and the well-being of digestion".  Photo: Getty images.
Chef Xavier Pellicer points out that it is important “to maintain a balance between the pleasure of eating and the well-being of digestion”. Photo: Getty images. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.

Thus, the blog focused on fitness and nutrition issues shares the list of the 20 foods that can cause constipation. However, before making the products known, it is necessary to mention that the most recommended way to restrict the consumption of a daily or weekly food is by consulting nutritionists and medical specialists.

The 20 foods that can cause constipation:

  1. Rice.
  2. Banana.
  3. Coffee.
  4. White bread.
  5. Dairy (whole milk, yogurt, cheese, among others).
  6. Fast food (hamburger, pizza, hot dogs, among others).
  7. Ultra-processed foods (with a high amount of sweetness, fats and a long expiration date).
  8. Fried foods (food dipped in oil).
  9. red meats
  10. Soft drinks and sugary drinks.
  11. Cooked carrots.
  12. Non-wholemeal pasta.
  13. Sausages (sausages, ham, among others).
  14. Alcoholic drinks.
  15. Chocolate.
  16. Apple without the peel.
  17. black tea
  18. Egg.
  19. Khaki.
  20. Pumpkin.

Regarding vegetables, such as carrots and pumpkin, connoisseurs indicate that they are recognized for having a high fiber content, but when they are consumed raw. When cooked, they have the opposite effect.

Eggs, being rich in fat, slow down the digestion process, but nutritionists indicate that their consumption is essential. In the case of the apple, “it has a gelatinous substance that makes evacuation difficult” called pectin and is recommended for diarrhea.

Finally, with the banana, Men’s Health It states that there is no problem when it is eaten ripe, but if it is green, the amount of starch increases, a compound that rice usually also has.