What are the best places to have a date in the City of Buenos Aires

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The investigation focused on the favorite types of dates of singles and what they value most when having a romantic encounter to impress a potential match or partner. And it was carried out independently on 600 people aged 25 to 45 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, between February 23, 2022 and March 11 of the same year.

The confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic had a impact on the kind of dating we enjoy todayvaluing more activities as an option to an exit. The atmosphere and the location were the most punctuated when choosing a place for a meeting, followed by the comfort, food options and vibe of the spot.



To put together the guide to the best places, Inner Circle brought together a experienced panelincluding the journalist anita rodriguez, columnist for C5N specializing in dating and lifestyle; the gastronomic and lifestyle journalist Agustina Canaparo; Y Clara Pedroactive Inner Circle user.

The panel visited 10 locations and gave each one a score based on the chemistry you had with the space. It was based on how much each location stimulated senses (touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight) and, therefore, in the potential of each place to lure you on a first date there.

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What are the best places to have a date in the City of Buenos Aires

Greenhouse in Recoleta: score 95

The first restaurant and gin and tonic bar in Argentina, it offers its visitors to connect with nature on its large terrace, next to Plaza del Lector, at any time of the day.


The Shelter Coffee, Retreat: Score 92

A cafeteria in a careful, sophisticated, welcoming space with British roots. Interior lights create a dim, relaxed atmosphere.


COWI, Palermo: score 92

It is the union of coffee and wine, with alternatives for summer and winter in the coolest winery in Palermo.


Spritzza, Palermo: score 90

Terrace with fireplace, more than 16 varieties of spritz and a menu of pizzas made in the best Italian-American style.


Botanical Garden, Palermo: score 83

Green space of 7 hectares made up of the French garden, the Roman garden, the oriental garden and the impressive greenhouses in the middle of the city.


Phaedra’s Garden, Martinez: score 82

A few steps from the river, this oasis of greenery awaits you with outdoor areas, winter gardens and tropical plants. You can go to the bar to order a good drink, a cold beer or something delicious to eat.


The San Telmo Market, San Telmo: score 80

In the heart of San Telmo, it is a corner where you can enjoy varied flavors and all kinds of culture, it offers international cuisine with the potential of any European market or the main cities of the world.


Soho Market, Palermo: score 80

Market of 700 m2 with nine gastronomic establishments, a sparkling wine bar and a beer bar with beer cocktails.


Peru Beach, San Isidro: score 77

Parador next to the river, with a large garden and terrace for eating and drinking. It includes a beach with sports activities such as skating, hockey, windsurfing, kayaking.


Konex, Abasto: score 75

Space where multiple shows and artistic content are developed with the aim of bringing a diverse and quality cultural proposal to the community.