We are on time, let’s not let them steal our water, health, food

IF THE UN SAYS IT: The UN warns about the global overexploitation of sand and calls for its regulation.

“The extraction of this natural resource, the second most consumed in the world after water, from riverbeds, seabeds and beaches, can cause erosion, salinization of aquifers, lack of protection against coastal flooding and loss of animal species, warns a new report from the Program of the United Nations for the Environment.

The report includes numerous recommendations to curb the now almost unlimited exploitation of a material that “humanity mistakenly believes is infinite”, including prohibiting its extraction from beaches, due to its importance in curbing storm surges, or more strictly controlling seabed dredging.

“If we moderate the way in which we manage the most extracted solid resource on the planet, we can avoid a crisis and move towards a circular economy,” said its main coordinator, the expert Pascal Peduzzi, when presenting the report.

The study, carried out by the United Nations in collaboration with the Government of Switzerland and the University of Geneva, proposes various changes in sand mining that include greater use of recycled materials, such as demolition debris or sandy waste from mining operations.

The UN also recommends banning the dumping of mineral waste, adopting legal frameworks that set clear limits on extraction that is still very poorly regulated in many countries, or restoring ecosystems damaged by the excessive exploitation of this resource. (….) You can see the complete article in https://www.efeverde.com/noticias/onu-alert-sobre-la-sobreexplotacion-global-de-la-arena-y-pide-su-regulacion/”

#.- The depredation and irregular action that I have been denouncing for more than years with respect to the installed sandboxes, already installed, three new ones this year, in our province looking for “The new gold”, which is silica or silica sand, whose final destination is Vaca Muerta, they obviously cause environmental damage, I understand that in our eyes an unprecedented ecocide is taking place, with the complicity and ineffectiveness of the Provincial Environment Secretariat, dependent on the Ministry of Production, Tourism and Economic Development, ecocide that we have time to stop.

#.- On March 29, 2022, I attended the public hearing held in Ibicuy by the “Energía” sandbox of NGR Argentina SA. To my surprise, I found out that they were going to take away ALL the extracted material and that in their plant Neuquén is going to separate the silica sand from the other elements and that everything is going to be used in the aforementioned province.

In addition, they erroneously informed that the limit of the depth of the excavation will be given by the water table, I could not bear such lies and “Explain”, it is known that the water table rises and falls depending on the height of the rivers and streams in the area, the water table varies in depth depending on the level of nearby rivers and streams, if it rains a lot it rises and if there is drought it falls, it is given by the atmospheric pressure that makes it fall, and the same water pressure that makes it go up, obviously the exhibitor was as they say “drawn” and his lie was discovered (among others that were said).

It is up to us to “force” our authorities to comply with the law, which in light of the facts are complicit in the looting and ecocide that is taking place.



Ricardo Jose Luciano



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