We are convinced of the match that must be played

The DT of Central, Carlos Tevez, did not confirm the team for the classic tomorrow Thursday before Newell’s in statements this Wednesday afternoon at the press conference before the last training session of the week. Despite this, he stressed that he is “convinced of the game we are going to play”although he pointed out that “we did not arrive with the ideal team”, since achieving that takes a long time. “I can’t give the team because first I’m going to give it to my players, but there won’t be anything from another world”launched the scoundrel DT at the beginning of the talk with the media on the premises of dry Creek.

“The important thing here is that we are convinced of the games we are going to play, for which we must always remain focused and calm because we prepare a game to do our best. Afterwards, obviously the game brings a lot of consequences, but we have to be prepared to take it forward, ”said the rogue DT.

An aspect that You look tried to make clear is that “we work always thinking of Central”, throwing a little to the ground the assertion that he could put together a team based on the virtues of the rival. He argued that “one is attentive to what the other team can do, but what we are looking for is always our own identity. And in that search we try to manage a game that, but we try to bet on the best game, the best performance of each player”.


Tevez was convinced that Central will be the team that tries to handle the process.

Sebastian Suarez Meccia / The Capital

“In the classics that touched me as a player, very few games came out nice to see, it is like that, which does not mean that we do not have to win it. Try to find an ideal team right in this classic, but it seems that it will not be possible, that we are not going to find it, “said the Apache.

The “nooo” that You look he wielded before the query about whether the team he will put on the field is the ideal one, supported him in the idea that “there are coaches who are one or two years to achieve it. Look at the cases of River, Boca, who do not find that ideal. It is not easy to achieve that in Argentine soccer, in fact there are many coaches who were fired, “said Apache. And he added: “The ideal is built with a base that we are trying to put together, but I insist, it is not easy. Today we cannot find that ideal team, but we are looking for it, convinced of what we want”.

Since the arrival of Tevez, Center He improved considerably defensively, but he continues to struggle offensively. In any case, the coach said that it is not something that worries him. “Create situations, we create. There are teams that create only one and convert it. From Gymnastics to Independent we create many situations. Against Independiente, if Jony’s (Candia) or Gino’s (Infantino) entered, the game was different, it opened up and it was different. I think we have the situations, but what we need is to make them concrete”.

Of course, he made reference to the rival on duty, Newell’s. In that sense, he pointed out that Sanguinetti’s team “has good height and handles stopped ball well. I think it’s the tool they have to hurt you.”


Tevez will have his first experience as DT in a classic, nothing less than in a Central-Newell

Tevez will have his first experience as DT in a classic, nothing less than in a Central-Newell’s.

Celina Mutti Lovera / The Capital

“I prepare for the match calmly, a result is not going to change me, although I know it is important for the fans. A result does not change me because we are looking for a solid base for the future and that we are sure will serve us well. The important thing is to be convinced that we are on the right path”, he stated. You look.

What will Tevez look for in this classic, whether to neutralize Newell’s or strengthen his Central? The DT was clear: “We have to enhance what we have.” And he added: “To win we have to do that, more playing at home. From what I saw, I think that Newell’s is not going to propose because it has a clear way of playing and you realize with the proposal that it uses. We have to go out and propose, especially because we are local”.

At the press conference they gave on Tuesday Walter Montoya Y Paul Perez, the leper player made reference to the good relationship he forged with Apache during the time they shared in Boca. In this regard, Tevez said that “we went through a lot of things together and I am happy to face him. Football leads us to face each other, but we had beautiful moments and I only have praise. He is a person who taught me a lot, who has incredible values ​​and in difficult moments of my career he was one of the few who stuck out his chest for me”.