Villa Miter lost again in Chivilcoy and was on the verge of elimination

Villa Miter lost this Thursday against Racing de Chivilcoy by 87 to 75, as a visitor and in the second game of the quarterfinals of the Argentine Basketball League (Southern Conference).

The match was played on the field of the Colón de Chivilcoy club, where the local team won with partials of 21-13, 36-32 and 67-55.

With this result the series favors the winning team by 2-0.

The complete statistical synthesis of the match.

Racing took the lead from the start, with its energetic defense game and taking advantage of its rival’s low effectiveness to run and define on the counterattack (7 points that way). Or appeal to the handrail in the parked attack and define in one of the spaces left by the Bahian defense in the brand changes.

Villa always followed him at a disadvantage but as close as possible on the scoreboard (the maximum disadvantage was 21-13 in the initial quarter). His strategy was to play control and rotation, with José Gutiérrez as the brains. But the rival defense did not allow clarity and the visit closed with low effectiveness in field shots (6-16).

Going to double Bruno Pallotti, who played 22m42s and contributed 11 points and 4 rebounds. Jano Martínez arrives, who added 12 points.

In the second quarter, Villa Miter changed its physiognomy from (a strategy of) quintets with different game configurations. Forced, furthermore, by the premature departure of José Gutiérrez (he withdrew at 2m42 by the end of the first and did not re-enter, even though he was not seen limping).

The Bahian quintet changed into a dynamic team with the tandem Jano Martínez-Bruno Pallotti, active in attack. In turn, Jamaal Levy was valuable on his own glass to reach the rival outside shot and secure the rebound, in an erratic partial for Racing.

The strategy was also to go inside to wear down the opponent. And it didn’t go wrong because the Academy closed the first stage with seven players with fouls (Acuña, De Pietro and Fernández with 2 respectively).

Javier Bollo travels the perimeter in front of Carlos Baez, looking for a receiver.

With a good performance from the perimeter players, combined with Harina-Amigo, the cast from Bahia reduced the difference with a double from Jano (30-26). However, missing a few shots near the rim and making unforced errors, Villa Miter never got ahead. And with little, the locals closed with an advantage at halftime, although the partial favored Lisandro De Tomasi’s team 19-15.

In the third Racing made weigh their offensive options. Forward Ricardo Fernández shone with 10 points in that quarter (he came with 2), seconded by Maretto and the advantage in Acuña’s inside game for a quarter of 8-0 that left him well outlined for the last one, by winning in those 10 minutes for 31-23.

Erbel De Pietro exploits another hole in the tricolor defense.

Villa Miter relied on Jano Martínez in driving and scoring. Because when the one from Chivilcoy took an advantage of 19 in the first 2m30s, De Tomasi saved personnel and Jano raised the Tricolor. That cut to 13 and returned to the game with a double by Harina at 3m (78-67).

It was just a reaction anyway. Without the volume of play from the usual starters, Villa Miter will always have an uphill battle.

The defeat in Chivilcoy left the Bahiense representative with the obligation to win the next three games to advance to the semifinals of the Southern Conference.

when will it follow

The series between Villa Miter and Racing will move to our city for the third, next Sunday, May 1.

An eventual fourth game is on Tuesday the 3rd and a hypothetical fifth and definitive game on Thursday the 5th in Chivilcoy.

Adriano Maretto, one of the most valuable in the winner (16 points and 16 rebounds), eluded Federico Harina and faced Ramiro Heinrich.

Other results

Estudiantes de Olavarría and Zárate Basket were two other winners on the night of the second quarterfinal games of the Southern Conference.

Bataraz defeated Estudiantes de Concordia 79-67 at home and finished 2-0 in the series, which now moves to Entre Ríos. The winner’s scorer was point guard Martín Cabrera, with 26.

For his part, Zárate defeated Ciclista Juninense 84-82 and now wins the series 2-0, which will continue in Junín. A triple by Ángel Arévalo at 1 minute 03 was key to give them an 83-79 lead (the local scorer was Juan Ignacio Baquero, with 23).

The last final of the day took place in Viedma, where the local Deportivo beat Gimnasia (La Plata) by 85-73.

The number 1 in the regular season in the South is now 2-0.

Matías Eidintas, with 23, was the top scorer.