Villa Crespo: the best bars and restaurants to visit

It is not close to iconic corners such as Scalabrini Ortiz and Corrientes and even many may think, due to its physiognomy, that it is Paternal. Others, if they pay attention to its adjoining streets, may, instead, consider that it is Caballito norte. Nevertheless, this corner of the city belongs with all of the law to the neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

For some time now, more and more unmissable spaces have emerged in these streets of Buenos Aires. And it is that, Until not so long ago, you couldn’t get a specialty coffee, a sourdough bread or a table to enjoy its sunny corners or its quiet nights on these blocks.

From the hand of Bilbo, a pioneer in what makes cool places in the neighborhood, followed by Planta and Casa Tinta, the old neighborhood hairdressers, old mansions and even old warehouses were transmuted to give rise to what we know today: an area that preserves all the beauty of a neighborhood, but to which they also move from their neighbors Chacarita and Palermo to escape the maelstrom without sacrificing quality in a proposal that does not stop growing.

This cool still life with tables on the sidewalk gave this desolate area of ​​the neighborhood its own imprint. Of the few that appear among the night options (although they also open at noon on Sundays), in Isla Flotante you will eat delicious food at a quiet table, without forgetting that you are in a neighborhood of low houses. The proposal is relaxed, somewhat stripped, original and up to par. Be sure to order the fritters or the tortilla and pastrami sandwich. For dessert? Obviously, floating island.

Where: Beláustegui 396.

IG: @islaflotante.comidas.

Sicily, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa CrespoSun Schiller

Deco and specialty coffee

The story goes like this: Lucía, its owner, was in a pottery workshop together with Gaby, the owner of Planta, the local greenery very close to there, and she found out that there was a dream corner one block from that place. Without any previous idea, when visiting him she felt a hunch and signed him. After having the place, she thought about what she wanted to do with it. Her more than 20 years in the hotel industry linked to her gastronomy gave her the answer. This is how Sicilia was born, conceived as a deco space in which to exhibit their pieces and where, in addition, they can enjoy a specialty coffee with a Mediterranean-inspired sweet and savory tavola.

The best: the corner is one of the most beautiful, green and quiet in the neighborhood. Take advantage of sunny days to eat at the little tables on the sidewalk.

The favourite: the pistachio roll, on top of which they serve it warm! ($250).

The fact: the coffee bean they use was chosen together with the Cuervo team. It comes from the Cundinamarca region (Colombia) and is roasted by hand (from $200).

When: Tuesday, from 14 to 20. Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 to 22.

Where: Beláustegui 700.

IG: @siciliadecocaffe.

Casa Tinta, a bookstore and restaurant in Villa Crespo
Casa Tinta, a bookstore and restaurant in Villa CrespoSun Schiller

bookstore & restaurant

Casa Tinta is a bookstore, store, restaurant and café, the epicenter of musicians, plastic artists, writers and workshop leaders. A house with open doors with the imprint of a home behind closed doors: Anahí, Verónica and Javi welcome you, true hosts, who give love to every detail: the patio, the hammock chairs, the green vine that makes you never want to leave .

The data: check your networks to be aware of the workshops of each month, one better than the other. There are poetic writing, painting and much more.

Favorite: The curation of the books they offer is excellent, as is the food (entries from $550, mains from $950).

When: Thursday and Friday, from 19 to 24. Saturdays, from 13 to 01. Sundays, from 13 to 19.

Where: Remedios de Escalada de San Martín 631.

IG: @casa.tinta.

Villa Crespo: tour of bars and restaurants in this neighborhood of Buenos Aires
Villa Crespo: tour of bars and restaurants in this neighborhood of Buenos AiresSun Schiller

An “off the beaten path” that could not be missing on this tour. If you are in the area, walk a couple of blocks and check-in at Barragán: a small corner with everything you need to have a good time and, above all, eat delicious food. Built in what was an old neighborhood barber shop, whose floors are still preserved, both the decor and the colors and nobility of the materials are intended as a tribute to the Mexican architect who gives the space its name and whose nationality gives it its identity. On the decks: Luis Barragán, creator of “emotional architecture”. Our favourites? The Mole French Toast ($880) and the Avocado and Corn Duo ($720) break it up.

Villa Crespo: tour of bars and restaurants in this neighborhood of Buenos Aires
Villa Crespo: tour of bars and restaurants in this neighborhood of Buenos AiresSun Schiller


The great novelty of the neighborhood, especially in what are the night proposals. From the hands of the owners of Sifón and SEDE Whiskey, both in Chacarita, Madre Rojas bears the stamp of its creators, who seem to have their own clientele. And it is that, although neighbors usually frequent it, it is evident that Madre Rojas is moved from neighboring neighborhoods to throb its atmosphere and taste the quality of its dishes, a mixture of Buenos Aires canteen with a contemporary orientation, tied to the seasonality of the products.

Fact: they recently started accepting reservations, ideal because it’s always full!

The favorite: the side dishes (from $600) are an excellent way to get to know their mark, such as the roasted leeks with mashed potatoes, hazelnuts and romesco sauce, which are a must. For dessert? Quince with vanilla ice cream and caramelized caramel ($730).

When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 19 to 01.

Where: Rojas 1600.

IG: @madreojas.

Ferreiro, in Villa Crespo, an ideal place for a classic pizza
Ferreiro, in Villa Crespo, an ideal place for a classic pizzaSun Schiller

Every neighborhood has a classic to be proud of. And Ferreiro is more than that. With the aesthetics of still lifes anchored in time, it never stopped offering what it has to offer: the best provolone pizza in the entire city. If what you are looking for is a relaxed plan with friends, this redoubt invites you with its neon lights to throb the porteña that can only be found in places with history that do not disappoint.

Where: Ángel Gallardo 1001. Open every day from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Pioneers in what are cool places in the neighborhood, they have been promoting the gastro scene in this end of the city for 5 years. Customer loyalty seems to reward them, because there are always people! Located on a sunny corner, Bilbo is ideal for brunch, snacks and lunch, although they also offer spectacular dinner and desserts. Whether you sit outside on a sunny day or choose a table near the window, its relaxed atmosphere will make you want to make it your meeting point.

The best: without a doubt, the wave; a familiar atmosphere, but also fresh and modern.

The favourite: they recently released a menu. Banana pudding ($350) and hummus and chips ($900) break it up. But, without a doubt, the ChocoBilbo is the best ($700 a portion).

Fact: if you need to work in the area, they have a coworking space.

When: Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Where: Beláustegui 802.

IG: @bilbocafe.

Severina, in Villa Crespo
Severina, in Villa CrespoSun Schiller

deli warehouse

Another of the spaces that do the neighborhood so well. Perhaps because it comes, precisely, from two of her neighbors who come from a different background, but who didn’t want to have to walk ten blocks to get a croissant. That was the initial idea of ​​Noe and Nathy, which, of course, was transformed until it reached what it is today: a deli store that has a sunny deck where you can spend some time and some tables inside a small and warm space where you can escape from the cold You can buy bills, order a specialty coffee, take a cake or a gourmet sandwich or try the delicacies of Jewish food right there.

The data: the price-quality ratio is the best in the neighborhood. They have a kids menu (from $430) and once a month they usually put together a cultural event on the sidewalk, which is always a great plan.

The favorite: ordering a brunch (such as Colibri 2, $2,180) will give you the opportunity to taste a lot of what they offer.

When: Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: Beláustegui 519.

IG: @severinasabores.

The best thing that can happen to a corner is that there is another place right in front of it that tune in. The complementary duo generated by Planta and Bilbo is ideal: going out to eat and crossing paths to gossip about plants, decoration, greenery products and much more. For 3 years, Víctor and Gaby (partners and couple) have witnessed how this space –which was initially designed as an “architecture plant” where they could work and exhibit Gaby’s pottery creations– became much more. The result? In this craft store you will find added value in each unique piece.

The best: the link they generated with their followers (more than 100 thousand on Instagram!) and customers exceeds the commercial.

Favorite: Gossip about the iconic planter, Relax Pottery (starting at $3,700).

Fact: they also advise you on the best place to place each plant and offer home delivery services.

When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: Beláustegui 801.

IG: @plantasomos.