Villa Catedral becomes strong: 8 breweries, after ski and even bagel foodtrucks to go after a day of skiing or snowboarding

Bariloche changes completely in winter and the center of attention becomes Cerro Catedral. Not everything, but a lot happens in Villa Catedral, a neighborhood that becomes a town during the three months of the winter season, which has an open-air mall, a mall, restaurants, mountain shelters, bars and of course the best after ski. But beware!

In this note from MALEVA we are going to tell you about the places you can go to after a day of skiing or snowboarding, in short, all means leave you at the base. Logical: footwear and a good coat are fundamental, especially since you could have a very snowy day and you will end up getting wet and having a bad time. So once you’re equipped, we’ll tell you where you can go this winter season to live the Cerro Catedral experience (and without having to leave your full salary).

Something that is important to know: most of the places in the Base of the hill work during the day and usually Both gastronomic and commercial establishments close early, as late as 7:00 p.m., and very few operate at night.

1 – Beer or gin and tonic evenings, with a DJ AND movie screenings! / Berlina pizzas are the new star thanks to one of the best “pizzaiolos” in Argentina

It is without a doubt, one of the classics of the base of the hill with more than five years, the brewing brothers from Berlina, continue to offer one of the best beers in Bariloche and some incredible pizzas, which, by the way, Not long ago Chef Federico Dominguez Fontn, one of the Argentine representatives at the Mondial de la Pizza in Parma, Italy, was advising on fermentation and proofing processes to take Berlina pizzas to the next level.

One of the classics of the base of the hill with more than five years

Here you can eat a good slice of pizza with a pint for $1000. And if you are not convinced by craft beer, we recommend their Gin and Tonic, made in-house, which is very tasty. In addition, Every day there is a guest DJ playing music and they hold movie screenings when the weather permits.

2 – The “Beertruck” of Patagonia: live djs, prize roulette and a stew that is a bomb

Patagonia has a complete proposal for this winter: every Tuesday and Thursday there is a live DJ and Prize Wheel. And we anticipate that on Sunday 24 they celebrate “la 24.7” one of their emblem beers, there will be tastings and also beer ingredients to try at the tables. Don’t forget to try their “Guiso Montas” it’s a bomb and it only costs $1500 and a pint $650.

Patagonia has a complete proposal for this winter

3 – Temple: the second season in Catedral of a very popular brewery (note that their drinks menu is also good)

Although it is better known in Buenos Aires than in Bariloche, Temple has its place at the base of Cerro Catedral, since last winter it settled in a historic place on the hill where the old and beloved Tage was. They have a variety of beers and sandwiches and also the option of cocktail shakers in case beer is not your thing. Reference value: A double cheese burger costs $1,600 and a Bosque gintnic $700, or a can of beer $500.

He settled in a historic place on the hill where the old and dear Tage was

4 – Apres Catedral: to follow it in a more bowling style On weekends they can open until two in the morning!

To add a little more rhythm and movement, Apres is the version to go on for a while longer at night, where on weekends it can be open until 2 AM with live DJ’s or bands. The classic in Apres is to have a delicious G&tonic for $1000, if you go during the day and the plan is to have lunch: the recommended house to eat is the Saint Moritz sandwichof bondiola braised in dark beer with cole slaw that costs $1700.

5 – El Patio de La Finca Hostel: three foodtrucks (and a fire always lit) that are the best / Sucr Pastelera, La Beigueleada and La Burga

Now one of my favorites, if you walk a few blocks very close to the free parking lot on La Hoya street, a gastronomic patio with three unmissable foodtrucks in this whole adventure: La Burga, La Beigueleada and Sucre Pastelera Andina… Undoubtedly, this place, being a little further away, has a particular magic, it is quieter and there is always a little fire lit.

You have options for all tastes. “La Burga” hamburgers are acclaimed by locals and national and international touristsIts elaboration is complex but its flavor is unmatched, the simple cheese bruer costs $900 but you can add more medallions (they have gone up to four times) for a little more.

Sucre Pastelera Andina, specialty pastry shop, where you will not only be able to eat delicious things but also taste classic coffee from El Barco (one of the first roasters in Bariloche)

In addition, they have craft beer from La Negrita and La Cava Clandestina that cost $500. If you are looking for a healthier option “The Beigueleada” It’s your place, a foodtruck that offers you three options that change every day to fill your bagel, simple but delicious: a vegan option, a vegetarian option and a red or white meat option, and they also have an offer without TACC. They have a promo for all budgets: Bagel + T Ice Cream $1000 or Bagel + Verm Chiappero $1300.

And to complete the experience in this snow garden we recommend Andean Pastry Sucrespecialty pastry shop, where you will not only be able to eat delicious things but also taste classic coffee from Boat (one of the first roasters in Bariloche) or a special Jungle Tea Blend. You have different promos but the one for toast and hot chocolate for $800 doesn’t fail. As for the pastry, the most requested are the walnut alfajorcitos ($400) or the Swiss alfajor ($250) and the specialty cakes of the day ($600), all made by the pastry chef Cecilia Prez Tonello.

6 – Delirious Coffee: a specialty coffee to start the day off on the right foot (or lift those tired skiing legs) / Try the flat white and its lemon pudding.

If you want to start the day with a good specialty coffee, this is the emblem of Bariloche, they are already known in the city, but luckily they also have their bar on the Hill. They roast their own coffee, which is undoubtedly an added value. You can have a Flat White with a lemon pudding for $720. Of course, it should be noted that, in Delirious, the coffee is served at a temperature that they consider ideal for each type of coffee bean. If you want it hotter, you have to tell the barista.

A detail to keep in mind: in many of these places they charge you $100 for the reusable cup that you can keep for your entire stay. and use it in different places so as not to generate more plastic waste. So now you know, you don’t need to be a snowboarder or skier to come and live a different experience this winter at Villa Catedral.