VIDEO. Students, to the beat of the tamboril, beat Bragantino in a key match and dream

This team of Students is the most cupbearer in recent years. Last night left no doubt, when he won again at home with great authority against a tough Brazilian rival. No one can guarantee that it will go down in history, because there is a long way to go and there are more powerful teams ahead. Nobody will dare to affirm any of that. But yesterday, in case there was any doubt, he showed how a Copa Libertadores match is played. Estudiantes beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-0 at home and remained as the only leader in zone C, with three dates remaining for the closing of the initial phase. Tremendous victory for Ricardo Zielinski’s team, one more in a long streak.

Why did Pincha win? Because he knew how to play the game. He waited at a certain moment, clenched his teeth and doubled down on defense when he had to run after the ball, played at a good level in certain passages and, above all, because he was thirsty and hungry to score goals, almost continuously, to ensure a banquet that was enchanting for his fans.

Now he has 7 units and commands zone C, three points ahead of last night’s rival and Nacional, who beat Vélez in Liniers and will be next Tuesday’s rival in La Plata. Undoubtedly, a match with final seasonings: if Estudiantes were to win, they would have taken a key and fundamental step thinking about the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. If he could even afford to present an alternative team on his visits to Brazil and Liniers thinking about the quarterfinals of the Professional League cup. Not even the best strategist would have gone better, although of course, nobody guarantees him absolutely nothing but a scenario free of more obstacles.

Last night it went from minor to major, despite having the goal served after three minutes and through a stopped ball (Noguera lowered it to Del Prete, who defined poorly under the goal). After that play that seemed to mark a course, it was diluted. It is that the rival showed dynamics and explosion from midfield forward. At times he had to run after the ball, he did not have a driver and the massive climbs sometimes made it difficult despite not having any risky situation in the goal of Mariano Andújar. What’s more, Matías Pellegrini’s anger on the left almost left him the goal: the ball passed very close to Cleiton’s right post, who managed to stretch his brazi to deflect the ball. And another stopped ball found the head of Mauro Boselli, the goalkeeper’s response and a first shot by Agustín Rogel who had the left post as an unbeatable opponent. Even suffering from the speed of his rival, Pincha went to rest with the certainty that the goal would be on the first play that hit the set piece.

And he found it at 8 minutes. Corner from the left executed by Fernando Zuqui, spicy, with thread and strength. At the far post, as Boselli had done before, Noguera and Del Prete appeared, who set up the goal for Rogel. This time there was nothing to prevent the ball from entering the goal. Goal, relief and the start of a party that had even more surprises.

The game was won thanks to the stopped ball: this was the key to the triumph of Estudiantes

The rival wanted to tie quickly and with many players on offense. Error. He lost the ball on the albirrojo field and against Manuel Castro and Leandro Díaz they set the table (run, passes and a wall) to leave the ball to Mauro Boselli. The striker, who had not had the best of his games, barely looked up to realize that Cleiton was ahead and from 25 meters, with a single technical gesture, he scored the best goal in UNO for a long time. A great goal to tear tears from the scorer himself and the more than 30 thousand souls present in the stadium. The goal that allowed him to reach Juan Ramón Verón as the top scorer Pincha in the Copa Libertadores. On his mother’s birthday, Boselli gave himself (and those present) a gift that he will never forget.

The game had more than 30 minutes left, but the feeling was that it was already over. Bragantino had a couple of chances, but Andújar and the central defenders prevented it. The homeowner’s victory was never in doubt, and he could even increase the difference.

It was striking that Ricardo Zielinski took longer than necessary to make the variants. But he didn’t want to give anything, not an inch. He didn’t want to touch the strings of a guitar that sounded perfect. A guitar that has already been part of so many recitals, most of them with a happy ending. A team that continues to win, grow and sow seeds that will soon be flowers. How can their fans not get excited? Impossible.

Agustín Rogel, scorer of the first goal, was the figure of Estudiantes against Bragantino / Dolores Ripoll