VIDEO. Students is a gentle team that, for now, beats everyone

It doesn’t stop winning Students. When he plays well and when he has a bad time too. Tremendous moment for Ricardo Zielinski’s team, who yesterday scored among the figures because he moved the bench when the rival dominated the ball, the terrain and the situations: inside Mauro Boselli and Franco Zapiola, authors of the 2-1 Pincha sobre Tigre, to add another win and virtually qualify for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup.

He lacks a sigh, a push, a point or that his pursuers win all the games by landslide. Nothing can prevent Students from playing the definition in the Professional League Cup again, as in the last edition. An award for work and dedication, because it is the team that played the most games in the year: also the one that scored the most goals and the one that won the most.

Last night he had to fight and work more than necessary to overcome a rival who showed his stuff. A rival who for a reason is also the cheerleader of the tournament and who from midfield forward has material to complicate more than one: when he handles the ball and his three forwards can come together, he is to be feared.

That’s why Estudiantes came out determined to handle the ball. In the first 15 minutes of the first half he did it. And boy did he succeed. He erased it from the field, drowned it in the middle of the field and generated no less than five scoring situations, some very clear. In that period of the game, when he stepped on the rival area so many times and had the key to victory on his right, he lacked a thoughtful player inside the area. He lacked, without a doubt, a Mauro Boselli who would indicate when to finish off the goal, when to pass the ball and when to stop.

Manuel Castro was on fire at that start. He always anticipated, won the position and stepped on the rival field. That advanced position prevented Facundo Colidio from playing offensively and worrying more about scoring than scoring.

With recoveries but also with frontal balls, Pincha knew how to complicate the Matador, who couldn’t find a way around the game. Leandro Díaz was spicy in receiving the balls, despite not always solving in the best way, either in the fight or inside the area. He didn’t help Del Prete either, off after last Saturday’s brilliant night at the Ducó.

The Pincha was fading or getting tired. It was then that the visitor managed to get his head out of the water. He was planted as an equal, but without offensive power. He took over the middle because on the other side, Estudiantes did not find in Corcho Rodríguez the player who could recover the ball and put a stop to his rival’s advances. Even so, every time he stepped into the rival area he generated something special: he always gave the feeling that when he hit the final meters he could convert.

In the second half the story was different. With a clean and orderly game, Tigre dominated the ball and the field. Taking advantage of the wear and tear of Estudiantes, he attacked him a lot, almost always on the right wing, where Bruno Valdez, a great first half, began to have problems. The midfielders didn’t help him much and that’s how Mariano Andújar took a goal from Protti at 6, then Colidio missed it under the goal (after a failed rebound by the goalkeeper), Pablo Magnín had it after an overflow from the right and the aforementioned Colidio was able to break zero after a bad start from the bottom of the albirrojo left side.

But to beat this Estudiantes you have to kill him. Tigre did not do it, Zielinski was right with the changes and in the last 15 minutes he threw the bodywork on top of him. Ball stopped to the area, clearance and left-footed by the kid Franco Zapiola -with an involuntary rebound- nailed it to Marinelli’s angle.

From then on, it was all about Estudiantes, who took him ahead and took advantage of the wind in their favor. He was able to define Leandro Díaz but he did it poorly in heads-up. Then it could have been a goal by Mauro Boselli, but the left post told him no. Finally, after reviewing it in the VAR for a few minutes (determining if the ball had come out in its entirety), the former Boca sent it to save after an overflow by Díaz and a successful technical gesture by Zapiola, who let the ball pass.

Not even Nicolás Demartini’s discount in the second minute of addition could put out the party in the stands or snatch the victory from Estudiantes, who won again showing very interesting things, to continue at the top and be virtually classified. If you can even afford to make a replacement in the next three dates to get fully into the Copa Libertadores.