VIDEO. A triumph that for Pincha had the flavor of a reunion

Students took off the mufa. With total fairness, they defeated Barracas Central 3-1 and said goodbye to that adverse streak of four defeats in five games and one match won in the last eight (even with the elimination of the Argentine Cup). It was that voracious, spicy and scoring team again. That is why he had no problem keeping the victory he needed so much.

The victory also allowed Pincha to regain peace of mind at a key moment in the tournament, since versions and ghosts began to settle in, just before the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals against Atlético Paranaense and when they began to lose ground in the annual table that will classify it (or not) to the next edition of the international competitions.

In that table, precisely, last night he returned to settle in the classification zone for the next Libertadores, displacing Gimnasia and waiting for what happens with River. There are 18 dates left and a lot of water is still going to run under the bridge, but it will always be important for the team to be in that platoon, especially considering that they lost the ticket to the Copa Argentina. From every point of view last night was a game of resurrection, back, connection when the Wi-Fi signal was too intermittent.

From the first minute it was clear that the game plan was different. With the “quickies” on the court he played differently. He did not abuse the pitch so much and at all times he had the calm that he needed to handcuff his rival.

It started with Benjamín Rollheiser on the left and Pablo Piatti as midfielder, but the two were rotating all the time and even at times they were a double hitch that did the team very well. They, precisely those who were outside and the fans claimed for their presence, gave it a different imprint.

Other players joined them very well, such as Fernando Zuqui, Leandro Díaz and Manuel Castro. There was not so much vertigo on the wings or that desperation for the striker’s head. Students had moments of very good football to corner a rival who in the first half had his enormous heart as an ally to score and the licenses that referee Pablo Echavarría gave him.

Rollheiser and Piatti arrived to stay in the team. Good news for the DT

The first goal came after 10 minutes and was started by Zuqui in the middle of the pitch. He hit a 25-meter cross for Castro to head down to Leo Godoy, who rehearsed a cross in the middle of the area, where Loco Díaz appeared to break Maxi Gagliardo’s goal and make it 1-0. It seemed that the night was going to be easy.

The taste of reunion. Students won again in the league with a moment of good football / Demian Alday

But all the good that the Pincha showed from midfield forward suffered in defense. The absences of Agustín Rogel and Fabián Noguera were palpable again. Beyond the fact that he did not make as many mistakes as he did on Sunday against Tigre, he again failed in advances, setbacks and frontal balls. One of those neglects was Luciano Lollo, who committed an unnecessary infraction at the top of the large area so that Iván Tapia showed off with a superb free kick that, at 20 minutes, was the tie. A carbon copy that El Pulga Rodríguez did to Mariano Andújar in that same arc with Colón’s shirt.

The coup lasted a little while, but once again Estudiantes went in search of the winning goal. Always with the recipe of the short game and on the floor, with many climbs from his sides and the mobility of Piatti and Rollheiser, who would later be the tip of the spear.

Gagliardo took it out on Díaz and Loco himself had it upside down. At a certain moment he even cornered him and forced him to resort to the briefcase of the tricks so that time would pass and the white-haired offensive fire would die down a bit. Barracas endured the partial draw as best they could and at least they could go to the locker room with that 1-1 that had little justice but that was clearly going to be difficult to endure much longer.

Zielinski will have to recover his central defenders so that his team is more compact

In the final part, Estudiantes came out determined to win it. And the 2-1 came in the least expected way: backlash. Rollheiser took it, about 10 meters, hooked it to the middle and outlined to take a strong and precise left foot that surpassed the goalkeeper’s effort. A great goal that left the feeling that it was going to be very difficult for them to tie it again, despite the fact that they had just played 7 minutes.

And it was just like that. The local continued with its intensity and associated game. He didn’t even give his rival a chance to get close to Andújar’s goal. Unlike what happened against Central Córdoba, he gritted his teeth and went forward to score another goal that gave him peace of mind.

Castro had it at 12, at 22 Rollheiser missed it at the far post and at 26 Piatti tried almost from midfield taking advantage of the goalkeeper’s overtaking. The playmaker himself settled the game in the 37th minute, after an assist from Díaz and a slip from a central defender. Then he faced and hit Gagliardo’s left post with his right hand, which he failed to cover. Duster’s goal, to clean the furniture that was beginning to fill with dust and dirt.

Students recovered the winning mentality and, most importantly, that intense and associated game that had given them so much joy in the last tournament. He won with authority and stood up again in the Professional League. He won with another game, more in line with the players he has and at the right time. He passed the Duster to refresh ideas and show that he is still standing.