Unexpected turn in the crime of former Puma Aramburu: the evidence that complicates one of the detainees

Federico Martin Aramburu was killed by two Frenchmen after an argument in a Parisian bar (AFP)

Research continues on the assassination of Federico Martin Aramburu. With the three main suspects already arrested, the Police made an effort to understand what was the exact role of each one in the crime and in this context, new information has caused a twist in the case that further complicates one of the defendants.

So far, thanks to the statements of several witnesses, it was learned that the 42-year-old former athlete had argued with two men, Loïk Le Priol and Romain Bouvier, at the bar Le Mabillon and when leaving the place the confrontation became physical, although the employees of the establishment intervened to calm the situation. Later, when he was returning to the hotel, the Argentine, who was with his partner Shaun Hegarty, was hit by shots believed to have come from a van driven by a woman named Lison, who was also arrested.

This Wednesday, the French newspaper L’Equipe revealed that sources close to the investigation provided new information that helps to understand even more what happened that night and that puts Romain Bouvier in the center of the scene. The thing is until now Loik Le Priol He had been identified as the main author of the crime, but in reality it would have been his friend who caused everything.

As published, it was Romain Bouvier who met Federico Aramburu on the street after the fight in the bar. The former Pumas player had gone to the hotel to ask for some ice for his face when he ran into this former militant of the GUD (a far-right student union), who, after a brief and violent interdict, threw two shots to the ground that hit near his feet. Immediately after, Bouvier “fired two more times at the victim, wounding him in the leg and in the lower abdomen region”. The reports to which the French portal had access indicate that the Frenchman quickly fled from there on foot until he took a taxi several blocks later.

The crime scene, a central area of ​​Paris
The crime scene, a central area of ​​Paris

At that moment, Loik Le Prio He was a few meters from the place and when he heard the shots he ran towards him towards the scene. There he was reunited with a wounded Aramburu, with whom had a new struggle that ended when the French took his gun and fired six times. Four of the 22LR caliber bullets hit the body of the Argentine, who died on the spot.

“There was some confusion about the fact that Federico Aramburu had been hit by Romain Bouvier’s shots”explained to the newspaper L’Equipe an anonymous source close to the investigation. Now, thanks to the evidence of the bullets that they gave in Aramburu, it seems to be clear that both Bouvier and Le Priol shot the former Argentine athlete, which complicates the situation of the first of them, who until now was seen as an accomplice. It is not yet clear if Lyson, the 24-year-old woman who was driving the van in which the suspects left the bar after the first confrontation, was present at the time of the crime.

Romain Bouvier He was the last arrested for the crime. According to sources close to the case to the news agency AFP, The 31-year-old man was found by the Nantes BRI (Investigation and Intervention Brigade) in the French department of Sarthe (in the west of the country). his lawyer, Me Antoine Vey, He spoke to the French press on March 25 and said that the only request they made to the judge was that his client be kept in an individual cell so that he could “concentrate, remember the details and put the chronology in place.” In turn, when it was time to appear, the defendant chose not to answer the questions they asked him: “On the advice of my lawyer, I wish to exercise my right to silence”was the only thing he said.

It is not the first time that this subject has run afoul of the law. The French digital newspaper media part detailed that he and Le Priol frequented for several years a circle that brought together activists from the National Youth Front and the GUD (Union Defense Group), a French far-right student union. In October 2015, they and three other GUD members were charged with violently beat and humiliate a former leader of the union, beating him to strip naked.

Despite all this background, the lawyer Vey described his client as an intelligent and calm man: “I knew him in his youth, he was a straight and serene young man. He attended eloquence contests and was also quite gifted.”

The authorities managed to find the suspect thanks to his credit card. While being searched by the Police, he used the plastic in a hotel in Solesmes and later in an ATM. According to media reports, he did not resist arrest: “He was sitting quietly on a bench,” the site revealed. L’Equipe. The investigating judge of liberties and detention (JLD) of the Paris Palace of Justice decided to put him in preventive detention, like the other two detainees.


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