This was the last hours of Freddy Rincón according to the Attorney General’s Office

The Prosecutor’s Office has collected several pieces of evidence that show how the last hours of former soccer player Freddy Rincón passed before the deadly clash. Photos: Colprensa / Private archive

Since Colombia and the world learned the news about the car accident suffered by the former Colombian national team soccer player on April 13, rumors about how the events happened began to spread through social networks, creating all kinds of speculation about it.

Although at first from different sides caution was requested in the comments out of respect for the critical state of health that Rincón was going through at the time, more and more videos and versions came to light about the way in which the accident occurred in which it was also A MIO bus was involved in Cali.

Even if Freddy was driving at the time the truck crashed, something that was already confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office just a few days ago.

The death of the idol who made his way through teams of the caliber of Real Madrid, Napoli, Conrinthians of Brazil, among others at the national level such as América de Cali and Santa Fe, has dismayed the most veteran football fans, since they were the ones who enjoyed their sporting prowess in the ’80s and ’90s.

Of course, his former teammates made themselves felt with heartfelt messages upon learning of the accident and subsequent death. Some between tears and broken voices.

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The Prosecutor’s Office has made special follow-up to what happened, telling how the last moments of Freddy Rincón’s life passed. According to the National Institute of Legal Medicine, they have advanced that the former athlete was driving the truck, but that he was also wearing the wrong seat belt.

They also reported in a report this Friday, April 22, that moments before the collision that ended Rincón’s life, he was chatting with some friends in the Ciudad Córdoba neighborhood in Cali, later he would go to a nightclub called the ‘Bronx ‘ along with three women and a man in the same vehicle around 11 a.m.

While the 20-year-old woman who would later be one of the victims in the accident would have arrived at the establishment on her own an hour later. Around 3:25 am on April 11, it became clear, thanks to the investigations, that Rincón’s companions along with him got into the truck and the driver at that time was Mr. José Luis, taking them to eat.

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Then, around 4:15 in the morning they would leave the site taking the Freddy Rincón flyer while 7 people boarded according to the deputy attorney general, Martha Mancera, who was in charge of explaining the investigation to public opinion after taking more than 13 sworn statements. and review a video where you can check what he says.

“We have evidence that another person was driving out of the disco. We have images of him getting out of the vehicle, entering the place where they ate some food and, from there, precisely, around 4:15 the demonstrative evidence was left where Mr. Freddy Rincón got on the driver’s side, ”Mancera assured. in the last hours.

The coroner of the case, Jorge Paredes, for his part, revealed that the evidence is telling about who was driving the truck, given the characteristics of the injuries that Rincón presented and those that the co-driver Manuela Patiño presented at that time, taking into account that the 20-year-old woman was rendered unconscious at the scene due to trauma during the crash.

“If he had been the co-pilot, he must have had a very strong trauma to the right side of his body,” said the forensic scientist.

Here you can listen to the full story of the deputy prosecutor and the presentation of the graphic evidence they had to find the construction of the events that triggered the sad disappearance of Freddy Rincón.


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