This was Piqué’s pact to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia | The timeline of the scandal

The disclosure of the conversations that led to the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup outside the country dates back to March 2019. It is then that the president of the Federation, Luis Rubialesand the FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piquéowner of the sports events company Kosmos, maintain their first contacts.

March 2019. The first contacts between Rubiales and Piqué take place with the aim of looking for a venue to host the Super Cup in a country in the Middle East.

April 9, 2019. President Rubiales addresses the board of directors to detail his project for the new Super Cup. The plan contemplates a final four that would take place outside of Spain in the month of January.

April 25, 2019. Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Faisal Al Saud, president of the Saudi Arabian motor racing federation, makes public his country’s interest in hosting the Spanish Super Cup.

April 29, 2019. The RFEF Assembly approves, by an absolute majority (94 in favour, 2 against and 2 abstentions), what will be the new Super Cup model. A project that would have four teams: the champion and runner-up of the Cup and the first two in the League. If any of the cup teams had a place due to their position in the League, the places would correspond to the following classified in the regular tournament.

November 11, 2019. Before the draw for the Super Cup takes place, the location where the match will take place is revealed: the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. The matches would be played between the following January 8 and 12, with the semifinals Valencia-Real Madrid and Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid.

January 12, 2020. Real Madrid win the Super Cup after beating Atlético de Madrid (0-0) on penalties (4-1). Movistar+ broadcast the competition after RTVE refused to bid due to allegations of non-compliance with human rights in Saudi Arabia.

January 17, 2021. Athletic Club wins the Super Cup against FC Barcelona (3-2), at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville. The “Final four” was played in Spain, with semifinals in Malaga and Cordoba, due to restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

January 16, 2022. Real Madrid wins the Super Cup by beating Athletic Club in the final (2-0), in Riyadh.

April 14, 2022. The Spanish Football Federation denounces that it has suffered a computer attack in which confidential documentation (documents, conversations and private audios) was stolen, after receiving a communication from a journalist announcing its imminent publication, after receiving it from an anonymous person.

April 18, 2022. The president of the Federation, Luis Rubiales, and the footballer Gerard Piqué agreed on a commission of 4 million euros per edition for the Kosmos company, owned by the latter, for taking the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, according to audio reveals The confidential.

April 18, 2022. Compromís senator Carles Mulet requests the urgent appearance at the parliamentary headquarters of Luis Rubiales and the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, after learning the information with the commission for the Super Cup.

April 18, 2022. Gerard Piqué gives an hour-long virtual press conference on his Twitch channel in which he explains his participation in the negotiations to bring the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia and receive the “legal” commission for Kosmos. In it he reveals that the King Emeritus will possibly be mentioned in future audios, whom they considered resorting to for his good relations with monarchies in the area.

April 19, 2022. The confidential publishes a new entry on its digital portal about the possibility of resorting to the emeritus. King Juan Carlos I sends a message to the journalist Susana Griso, which she reads in her Public mirrorin which it denies the content of the audios that refer to it.

April 19, 2022. Ciudadanos, En Comú, Vox and Partido Popular join the petition for President Rubiales to appear in Congress, as well as José Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sports.

April 20, 2022. Rubiales affirms at a press conference that “little or none of the information” that has come out about the operation of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia “is true”, and defends that “clear, clean, transparent, honest management has been carried out and, above all, beneficial for Spanish football” and that everything was “legal” and passed all the filters of the Ethics and Good Governance commissions, attributing everything to being the victim of “a prepared hunt” after the “illegal” theft of private conversations on your phone.