This is Mcdonald’s limited edition Chocoramo McFlurry

McDonald’s and Productos Ramo joined forces to launch a new flavor of McFlurry, the famous ice cream that is sold in the restaurants and dessert centers of the American chain, but this time it will have a Colombian stamp.

Colombians will be able to enjoy this dessert for a limited time only, as it can be purchased between July 20 and October 31. According to the companies, this new ice cream will maintain the creamy vanilla or chocolate ice cream and will now be accompanied by Chocoramo pieces and crumbs, as well as an arequipe sauce.

With the McFlurry Chocoramo the American company continues to pay homage to Colombian flavorsbecause in the past it has brought to the market other presentations such as Bocadillo, Oblea, Merengón, among others.

“This is one more bet we make, this time with McDonald’s, to continue accompanying Colombians in the best moments, through the mixture of two excellent quality and incredibly delicious products that we are sure they will love”, assured Bernardo Serna, president of the Ramo brand.

For his part, the general director of Arcos Dorados in Colombia, Héctor Orozco, stated that “we are committed to delivering the best ingredients in McDonald’s food and we are inspired to innovate with flavors that offer happy moments to Colombians. For this reason, we are excited about this alliance with Productos Ramo, as it combines one of our iconic products with the favorite cake of five generations of Colombians.”

Furthermore, he said that “with Ramo we are united by common values as the priority in quality and the genuine interest in celebrating the flavors that bring joy to this country”.

What is the most fattening ice cream?

Ice cream is a food that most people like, either as a snack or after lunch; however, its caloric intake and its excessive consumption can cause a person to gain weight. Some ice creams are made from artificial components such as preservatives, with sugar being the main ingredient, but according to the Better Health portal, your moderate intake of ice cream does not make you fateven if its content is saturated fat.

The portal also explains that this food is rich in calcium because is made up of milk, providing vital nutrients for the skeletal system. However, it can contribute to the appearance of cavities, but as mentioned above, if it is not consumed regularly, it will not affect the teeth. Therefore, it provides the body with vitamin B6, and phosphorus, it indicates.

The consumption of ice cream can be beneficial for the state of mind, since it is related to “pleasure” or “reward”, indicates the article, so in most cases it is a food that can produce joy, so can be addictive.

Moderate intake of ice cream does not make you fat, even if its content is saturated fat. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are homemade ice creams fattening?

There are many components of ice cream, so it is suggested to make nutritious ice cream at home that could help not increase calories to the body after ingestion.

For this reason, if what you want is to add more nutrients to this provocative food, you can add fruit cubes, whether they are strawberries, nuts, pineapple, which can add sugar to the ice cream without the need to use sweeteners. bodymind indicates that ice creams are not only cheap, but also being made of water they do not have a high caloric index.

The first thing to keep in mind to prepare these ice creams is the molds to portion the mixture, which could have ingredients such as fruits blended with water. On the other hand, if what you want is to consume fruit ice creams that are not just water, but with pulp, the ideal is to mix banana to obtain a light cream.

Another option to make a healthy ice cream at home, could be with yogurt as the main ingredientbeating if possible with a special blender that will leave a homogeneous mixture.

Later, you can add dates or fruits that will add sugar to the ice cream. If what you want is to have pulp, it is advisable to cut the fruit into cubes and keep them in the refrigerator, so that it gives a greater consistency to the product.

Finally, ice cream can be made with vegetable milk, which will replace lactose. In accordance with bodymindSome companies use soy, rice, and oat milk as they thicken and don’t allow ice to form.