“This does not happen in any league in the world”

Defense and Justice did not show their best version and lost to Boca 2-0, which meant their elimination from the Professional Soccer League Cup in the quarterfinals. At the post-match press conference, Sebastián Beccacece complained again about the team’s lack of rest -who played on Sunday against Patronato- and even ran into a journalist.

“We don’t like to complain about those things, but they are real and it hurts. We spent four months providing a huge delivery, we achieved the much-desired goal and we played 48 hours later“, explained the technician of the Halcón.

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And he pointed out: “It was our turn, it could have been Gymnastics, Argentines or Newell’s. It is not with Defense, we do not consider it personal, but everything is poorly designed. It should be reviewed so that it does not happen again. It does not happen in any league in the world that a team plays 48 hours later”.

However, he acknowledged Xeneize’s great game: “The body and the physique is also important. We try to be noble and move the ball, but it is true that we did not find some passing routes. Boca had merit, they played a great game and they have good players. It was a bit of everything, not just our exhaustion. That explains the defeat, which was good “

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In addition, the former DT of Independiente and Racing was also upset when a journalist asked him why he changed the team’s tactical approach in this match. “That’s your opinion. You do the analysis yourself, the question, the answer. You explain to me why we lost, what we did. It seems to me that you have to ask or give an opinion if you want to give an opinion, but not ask, answer, draw your conclusions”answered.

“It seems to me that it was not so. We played four games in eight days. Did you play ball? The second day is the one that you are most exhausted. And well, that happens, ”concluded Beccacece, visibly upset by the question.


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Boca played a round game against Halcón. First, whye assumed his status as favorite from the beginning. And it put Defense in a situation of permanent discomfort. He not only took center stage in the match, but he never let his rival get loose. Right from the start, with a shot by Salvio and a header to the post by Zambrano, he bullied it. And then she cornered him, especially on the left.

At least in the first half, that was the formula for the success of the Battaglia team. In that coffee-scented society that, even with the passage of time, continues to pay off: Fabra and Villa opened the Defense defense. Or at least, they made a tunnel through which Boca passed and passed. In fact, Pol Fernández’s goal also came through there, later annulled well by the VAR (there was a previous foul by the Colombian striker on Tripicchio).

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However, after five minutes, Boca finished confirming that it was there. First it was Fabra who entered the area, passed and defined the near post: Unsain covered it. And three minutes later, the winger assisted his partner from 30 meters and this time, Villa did not fail: He lowered it with crack control, accommodated it to the right and also defined it at the near post, to overcome the resistance of the Defense goalkeeper.

Boca long deserved that advantage. Because he was more than a defender who was less. Yes, also less than expected. Beccacece’s team was seen as withdrawn, unambitious, too respectful of their rival, visibly at the limit in the physical. And she paid for it.

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The local, it is true, took advantage of that position to impose authority. You could ask the Battaglia team for something more football in relation to everything they have, but If something was not lacking in this time, it was personality. Even in compromising situations, she took charge. And then, with the hierarchy of his individualities (especially Villa), he managed to break his rivals at some point. This time he was no exception.

In the second, Boca was able to define it before. He should have defined it earlier. Only Pol Fernández had it, in position nine. Zambrano also had it, with a header. And that lack of definition made Defense liven up a bit, but not enough to change the development of the game. In fact, his first shot on goal was just at 22 of that stage: a shot from Merentiel.

until u cameA play with 21 touches and a pass into the void from Romero to Ramírez, who defined Barbarian, made it 2-0 and broke the streak of midfielders without a goal. And there, people let go. And the team was consolidated. Boca, who comes in a mood and football lift, ended up rounding off one of his most convincing performances, for the decisive instance, for the rival and for the way in which he won: without frights, without objections. A triumph with presence, which invites you to dream…

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