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Cocktails, champagne, curry, a little spice and a wide banquet of Indian food were part of a dinner with Johnny Deep at a restaurant in Birmingham, UK, where the final tab reached five figures of pounds sterling, the equivalent of 400 diners at the venue, venue staff told The Associated Press. Daily Mail.

The most talked about person on the planet right now joined us for dinner last night! We had the great pleasure of being in the presence of Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck!” the restaurant wrote on Monday. VaranasiBirmingham.

The actor, who for six weeks faced his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, in a media trial for defamation in a court in Virginia, United States, has caused a stir in all restaurants and bars where it goes

Just this June 1, Depp attended the bar The Bridge Tavern, in Newcastle, in the company of Jeff Beck, on the same day that the verdict of the jury was announced, in which it was stipulated that Amber Heard had to pay him just over 10 million dollars as compensation for defamation and he in turn had to give her two million for comments by her former lawyer that defamed her.

Now it was the turn of this luxurious site which is described as “Birmingham’s largest Indian restaurant that covers 20 thousand square feet”, which has already increased its fame due to the actor’s visit, because in the Google Maps reviews a user affirms: “I am going to come here in the future knowing that the legendary Johnny Depp came to this restaurant.”

A private dinner with Johnny Depp

In an interview with the British newspaper Daily MailMohammed Hussain (director of Varanasi operations), reported that on Sunday afternoon they received a call where they were told that the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean I wanted to go to dinner with several people:

“I was shocked and at first I thought it might be a joke but then his security team came and checked the restaurant and we leave the whole place because we were worried that he might be disturbed by other diners.”

It should be noted that the restaurant has private dining rooms and sections for celebrations or business meetings of all sizes; however, it was decided to close the entire three-story establishment.

The actor arrived around 7:00 p.m. and left around midnight, enjoyed a dinner prepared especially for him and his companionswith guests like his friend Jeff Beck, with whom he shared the stage in concerts in recent days, the most recent at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

Depp took pictures with everyone who works there and was described by Hussain as “a lovely guyDown to earth, who spent a lot of time talking to the staff, our friends and family, and was delighted to pose for photos with them. He never would have thought that he was a big star. She had plenty of time for all of us.” Then, she went to his office to rest for a while away from the group and chatted with him.

What did Johnny Depp have for dinner in Varanasi?

According to the Daily Mail, a special menu was prepared consisting of skewers, tandoori, butter chicken, paneer tikka masala (marinated paneer cheese served in a spicy sauce), karahi lamb and bhuna prawns, nans (flatbread), rice and salad. Depp ordered panna cotta and cheesecake for dessert, then ordered a takeout.

According to Hussain, they made sure not to do the very spicy dishes so that the actor could enjoy the flavors, although it was clear that he knew Indian food.

Venue staff had to promise not to reveal the final tally, but made it clear that “money was not a problem... We make more money from Depp’s visit than from our busiest night of the week, which is a Saturday when we have about 400 diners.”

The Daily Mail estimates that the bill came to around £50,000 (little more than one million 225 thousand pesos).

  • Local rental: 25-30 thousand pounds (from 613 thousand to 735 thousand 630 pesos).
  • Pink champagne: 7,500 pounds per bottle (183,900 pesos).
  • Wine list: 1,200 pounds per bottle (29,425 pesos).
  • Cocktails: between 100 and 500 pounds each (2,452 to 12,260 pesos)
  • Lamb karahi: 35 pounds (858 pesos).
  • Bunha of prawns: 24 pounds (588 pesos).
  • Shish kebab starter: 14 pounds (343 pesos).
  • Chicken tikka masala: 22 pounds (539 pesos).

According to the TMZ medium, around 20 people attended the dinner.