They give a “complaint” to an employee of La Casa de Toño and the reaction goes viral

  • The presence of restaurants leads to a considerable income in the national GDP.

  • Customer service is one of the most important elements when a customer provides their loyalty to a brand.

  • Offering good customer service can lead to consistent profits over time.

A couple of diners have chosen to go to La Casa de Toño and making a “complaint” to an employeeviralizing his particular reaction.

The restaurants It is these particular businesses that, although they seek to offer diners the opportunity to feed themselves, their value-added offer, such as the aspect of their gastronomy, aesthetics, quality of ingredients, sales experience, and other alternatives, are crucial elements that they manage to position or not these businesses before the palates of their consumers.

This industry is considerably competitive, either by large food franchises and by those small businesses that seek to position themselves effectively in the market, thus also benefiting the pockets of consumers. restaurateurs and other essential work teams to offer a good service in these businesses.

To take into account how competitive this industry is, it would be worth considering the data from the study “Knowing the Restaurant Industry” carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) in a joint effort with the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC), demonstrating that the GDP of the restaurant industry is capable of registering up to 185 billion pesos in income.

In addition to the quality of the dishes and the respective value-added offer to attract the first attention of the consumer, in these spaces it is of vital importance to carry out an excellent customer service attentionsince this can have an impact on earning their loyalty or, on the contrary, losing it forever, being an opportunity that anyone who works in the sector should not miss.

Although there is a high variety of restaurants in the country, there is one that is distinguished by having a high number of branches and large spaces to taste different snacks and Mexican dishes, Tony’s House, where the pozole is one of its main star dishes, a franchise that could compete with other offers such as Vips, El Portón, Toks, etc. One of the realities that distinguishes this restaurant is its fast customer service so that the table is free for its next guest.

On this occasion, a couple of consumers have opted to put to the test, in a comical way, the service attitude of a brand employee, giving him a “complaint” as a jokewhose reaction managed to go viral just a couple of days after posting the video on networks.

@yaneth_olvera_a #queja #casadetoño #mesero #aaahhh ♬ original sound – Yaneth Olvera Aguila

Although this “complain” by the consumer was done in a comical way, the employee of the brand has managed to captivate the networks by the attitude with which he would have received any inconsistencies that might arise. Among some of the comments made by users, we found “the waiter was very concerned”, “the waiter: they don’t pay me enough”, “what a good attitude the boy had”, “they made the guy his day, because then they have to fight with each people…”, among other thoughts about it.

Offering a good product is essential for the success of any brand; however, the service attitude can become the determining factor that defines whether or not a customer deposits his loyalty in her.

To account for how important a good service attitude can become, the Zendesk Trends report shows that roughly 57 percent of consumers think that the main attribute that makes them feel loyal to a brand is due to customer servicethus informing about one of the many benefits of providing a good attitude despite possible difficulties along the way.

We could find an example of how a good service attitude is provided some time ago when a Rappi delivery man was entrusted with an extra mission that went beyond his conventional service, in order to conquer the client’s beloved, a fact that he fulfilled with ample effectiveness and led him to earn a well-deserved tip, in addition to ensuring the brand’s quality of service.

The attitude of service is essential to ensure the continued growth of a brand, where employees play an important role.

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