These restaurants offer a Creole menu for May 1 – Flavors

By Yeny Ortega Benavides.

The May 1 the whole world celebrates Labor Day. In Argentina, it is a date that, in addition to commemorating and recognizing the workers’ struggle, is a tradition the preparation of creole menus for lunch with family or co-workers.

Faithful to that custom, several local gastronomic of the different areas of the city of Córdoba have designed interesting proposals traditionalbut with a twist, to enjoy this date at home or in your facilities.

1- Hotel Azure

The azur hotellocated at San Jerónimo 257, in the heart of downtown Córdoba, offers a simple and traditional proposal: an menu from three stepsavailable for both lunch as the Dinnerin the living room HazeAt a price of $950 per person.

It includes lamb empanada, locro Y quince cupcakes with hot chocolate.

They also have the option to do orders for take away through the Instagram account @bruma______, to pick up orders until 6:00 p.m.

In this format it is also possible to order separately the lamb empanada for $150, the locro for $800 and the quince cupcakes with hot chocolate for $100.

2- Hotel Windsor

Meanwhile, the Windsor Hotel (Buenos Aires 214) has designed two proposals to enjoy in Windsor Bar.

Creole menu complete includes: one Patty, portion of locro or humita, dessert and one soft drink a $2,350.

can also be ordered separately: portion of locro alone at $1,500, portion of humita alone at $1,500 and empanadas at $200 each.

The other proposal is the same Creole menu but in a take away and without drink at $1,850. You can also take the locro portion separately for $1,250, the humita portion for $1,250 and each empanada for $170.

The menu has been designed and prepared by Roal Zuzulich and Facundo Tochi.

For Bookingscall 351-6863188.

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3- The Villalpando thing

that of Villalpando, meanwhile, invites you to celebrate the worker’s week with a complete proposal for take away: locro at $750, humita to the pot at $750, empanadas knife-cut beef salteñas at $1,500 a dozen, humita en chala at $450 Y tamale at $400.

“Buy before and pay less. If you come before April 30, pay in cash and withdraw at the time you have a 20% discount. You take it cold in your pot, or vacuum packed, with the usual quality, ”he told I discovered Flavors Gustavo De Villalpando, owner of the place.

The orders may withdraw at local of Av. Air Force 2,450 and they must reserve by phone 8976129 or by WhatsApp at +54 9 351 807 8561.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, May 1, the premises will attend normally from 9:00 am.

4- Bodegan

Bodeganthe luxurious restaurant -located on Calle Tejeda at 4565- He proposes a menu that is very much in keeping with his philosophy (authentic still life food) with the gourmet twist that his chef always achieves.

For this Labor Day they offer two posibilities of consumption: In the localthe client will be able to taste his plate of locro accompanied by a glass of Dante Robino Reserva wine for $1,400.

For take awaythe customer will be able to take the portions they want to $900 each serving. In addition, in this modality the client will be able to buy a bottle of Dante Robino Reserve at $2,500 and takes as a gift another bottle.

All Bookingsso much for take away As for eating in the living room, they are made to WhatsApp 3512012967 or through Instagram @bodegan_resto.

5- Ñato

Born, the restaurant -located at Av. Ricchieri 3415 in Barrio Jardín- offers a menu what includes Patty activated charcoal with vacuum filling shredded in long cooking with romesco sauce, portion of locro of the house and bread pudding with walnuts and raisins, accompanied by orange-scented cream, walnut meringue and smoked dulce de leche.

The suggested pairing It is with Inside Torrentes wine.

The proposal has a value of $3,800, without wineand it is only for consumption in the living room.

The Bookings must be made by calling 0351-15 391 14 75.

6- South still life

southern still life, the local located in O’Higgins 3571, offers a menu well typical: Creole empanada, Creole locro and flan, bread or cheese pudding and sweet At a price of $1,400 per person.

The proposal will be available for consumption on the premises or also for take away.