These books about Berkshire CEO Warren Buffett should be known by investors 1/9/22

• Buffett’s rise to become the most successful investor of all time
• Key investment strategies and examples
• Insights into his private life – Buffett as a person

Warren Buffett is considered a stock market legend and has often had a lucky hand in the past with his investment company Berkshire Hathaway. Many investors want to do the same, so there are numerous books detailing Buffett’s strategies and methods.

Buffett: The Story of an American Capitalist

Roger Lowenstein’s biography, published in 1995, describes how the boy from Nebraska became the Oracle of Omaha. The book should be of interest to anyone interested in Buffett’s history. But his investment strategy is not neglected in this work either.

The Warren Buffett Way

In the book by Robert G. Hagstrom, readers can learn more about Buffett’s investment strategy. The work shows examples of Buffett’s investment strategy and shows which decisions made him the most successful investor of all time. The book is also dedicated to the value investing approach that Buffett shaped. The third edition of the bestseller (Warren Buffett: His Way. His Method. His Strategy) also contains the latest acquisitions of the stock market guru and the topic complex Behavioral Finance, which deals with psychological pitfalls in long-term investing.

The Warren Buffett CEO

Robert P. Miles’ “The Warren Buffett CEO” is not just about Warren Buffett himself, but above all about the success of Berkshire Hathaway. The management of the company is examined more closely. Including the potential Buffett successor Ajit Jain and other members of management who have contributed a large part to the success of the company.

Warren Buffett – Life is like a snowball

What is special about Alice Schroeder’s biography is that the author had personal access to Buffett herself and was therefore able to reveal some of the secrets surrounding the star investor. Buffett answered questions about his family, friends and business partners, talked about his childhood and gave insights into his work. The work shows Buffett as a human being, like everyone else, with his strengths and weaknesses.

Tap dancing to work

The book Tap Dancing to Work is basically a collection of the best Fortune magazine articles about Warren Buffett, between 1966 and 2013. The articles were published shortly after Buffett took over ailing textile company Berkshire Hathaway. Some of the articles even come from Buffett’s pen. The readers get an insight into his strategy and his thoughts on corporate management, charity and many other topics.

Warren Buffett’s Essays

Lawrence A. Cunningham’s book summarizes Warren Buffett’s letters to his shareholders. Thus, this is one of the few books whose texts come from Buffett himself and thus gives a direct insight into his philosophy, thoughts and decisions.

This is how Warren Buffett reads company numbers

As the title suggests, this book is about the most important reading for the stock market guru himself: company numbers. And about what he can glean from them that has made him the most successful investor of all time. The author and Buffett’s former daughter-in-law explains to the reader which company figures are particularly important for investors.

That’s how Warren Buffett does it

In this publication, James Pardoe explains “24 simple investment strategies of the world’s most successful value investor” and thus offers investors an insight into the most important rules of the stock exchange guru. The book is also well suited for newcomers who are not yet very familiar with the subject, as technical terms and numbers are avoided. The author focuses on strategy and wants the reader to have a basic understanding of Buffett’s approach.

This is just a selection from many works about the successful star investor, his special skills and his strategy. Even if they all deal with the same topic, each one is structured a little differently and is worth reading in its own way.

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