their version of the facts, faith in Battaglia, Riquelme’s request and what they expect from the players

Shortly before midnight on Friday, just hours before Boca faces a pivotal commitment against Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero, with Sebastián Battaglia playing for the position, Jorge Bermúdez lent himself to an interview with TyC Sports in which he talked about everything: their version of what happened in the Bombonera after the tie against Godoy Cruz and in Ezeiza the day after, the faith they have in the coach being able to reverse the situation, the lack of deadlines, the request that Riquelme made to Battaglia, what they expect from now on from the soccer players and especially in the Copa Libertadores, and more.

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“Yesterday (for Thursday) there was a very busy day in the media and networks, something was installed that I would not have to answer, because I do not know who installed it, including the media shuffling names, but We never talked about the departure of the coach. With Raúl (Cascini) and with El Chelo (Delgado) we dedicated ourselves to doing our work like any other day, there were more cameras than usual and everyone asked the same thing… I always say, why do we have to take care of something that we did not install. We understand, it’s Boca, Boca’s pressure, Boca’s rating… We don’t enter into that, we are calm, we are also aware because we live in an institution that we love, we know the need we have for results, we know that things will be are becoming difficult due to the results, but we have faith and we hope that everything will go ahead, that this bad moment is just a memory,” El Patron began the talk. “We must recognize that the match with Godoy Cruz was the weakest of the tournament. We recognize it, we do not cover the sun with a finger. We know that people left worried, but we had an administrative meeting until 2:00 a.m. and everyone was saying that we were analyzing the departure of our coach when in fact we were meeting with the president, our secretary and the vice president talking about administrative issues of our club,” he added.

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In this regard, he continued: “Yesterday, as we always do, we spoke with the coach. Because something has to be said, and it is good that the fans know it, it is our job. If Mr. Marcelo Delgado, Mr. Raúl Cascini and I personally as men of the Football Council do not do our job, so what are we for. We are surrounding our coaching staff every day, the First Division coach, the Reserve coach, the youth coaches. And yesterday afternoon we had a meeting, coincidentally our vice president was greeting Sebastián Battaglia and asked his permission to talk to the squad, have some mates and talk about soccer. That was yesterday afternoon, so moved or extremely nervous that there was from the door to the outside. Inside the venue was Roman taking mates with the playersworried, but surely we have a great squad of players, surely we have a squad that wants to reverse this football downturn. And we, with Chelo and Raúl, talking with our soccer coaching staff, about the games that are coming, about the situation, about the downturn, about what we have to do everything to reverse the situation“.

Regarding Battaglia and the term of the two games, with the condition of taking this situation forward, Bermúdez commented: “In football there are no deadlines. The deadlines are given by relative situations, by the results, dispositions, responses, what a team shows on the field… If the team is committed, if we with Raúl and el Chelo see commitment from the squad, the coach will he worries, he wants to reverse the situation, one believes that it can be reversed, because there is with what. Today we depend on very important players, on a coach who has a lot of intention and interest in continuing, has an enormous willingness to do so and they have our support Like the first day we told him ‘you’re the coach and we’re going to support you.'” If the victory ensures continuity? “I can’t base myself on those situations, I base myself on football, on football responses. If you tell me that the same thing happened with Miguel and one day Battaglia has to leave, I’ll tell you for sure that Battaglia will leave, like one day I, the Cello, will leave… Every day is a day of analysis and study. What happens tomorrow is important, what happens in Brazil surely too. Much more the attitude, the commitment of the squad; the intention to get ahead, the desire, enthusiasm, dedication, the effort that our coach continues to show are what show us the light”.

In addition, the former central marker, now an important part of the Football Council, said that Riquelme is not the one who most often speaks with Battaglia: “Román does not belong to the Council. Román is the vice president of our institution. Román is the vice president, the highest visible head, important in football and our closest boss. But the Football Council is Raúl Cascini, El Chelo Delgado and me. When we went to hire our coach, we sat at a table and with great pleasure and attention he told us ‘this is my opinion, what do you think’, and our opinion was that, go for Sebastián Battaglia. Decision of the Council that Román said ‘I support you as vice president’. Román maintains thousands of things, he arrives at the venue before noon, he leaves at 2 or 3 in the morning, there are institutional, logistics, infrastructure occupations, everything that football means in all the categories that concerns him. Sometimes I tell him ‘Roman rests a bit, you can’t be here every day’, but I see him so enthusiastic and happy that it is his job and he does it very well. But We take care of the professional team and the coaching staff, we are the ones who are accountable and we tell them how things are, so that they can make a decision. Yesterday Román spoke with Sebastián, he went, hugged him, said ‘good afternoon, I’m asking for your permission Sebas, I’m going to talk to the boys, have a mate with the boys if you don’t mind’the technician told him of course yes, it’s a pleasure”.

And he also left a strong cup phrase directed towards the players, making it very clear what they want from them: “The Cup is won by the one who really wants to win it. The one who makes the sacrifices and leaves the blood on the pitch to win it. If you have to lock yourself up in a hotel for 365 days, you have to do it; if you have to think only about soccer, you have to do it; and if you have to unite with your partner, whoever he is, and leave blood on the field to win it… that’s the one who wins the Cup. We know many beautiful teams, but only a few have been able to win it.”

More of Patron Bermúdez in TyC Sports

-“Delgado and I met with Sebastián. Raúl had to resolve some personal issues and that is why he participated with Román in the meeting with the players.”

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-“Soccer players are going to have to transfer everything they work on during the week to soccer. Sometimes we are surprised because those who are outside are charged with situations that those who are inside should solve”.

-“We are excited because a good book of passes has been made, important players have been brought in. But the fact of bringing in good players does not guarantee that you will form a great team”.

-“We are not going to lose faith in the players or in the coaching staff”.

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-“I have known Seba since he was a boy, I know what he has in his head. As a coach he shows the same profile he had as a player. After Godoy Cruz I knew he was beaten but I was not surprised that he suspended the conference because I knew he was not leaving to go.”

-“We trust our squad but we know we have to improve”.

-“Against GC it was the weakest match at home so far in the tournament. If we play like this it will be complicated.”

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-“If we can recover some injured players and others suspended, I am confident that we can put together a good team.”

-“We believe that sudden changes are not good for the institution or for a sports team.”

-“The current environment is very far away, light years away from the one we lived in when we arrived.”

-“When I arrived, the whole court was bitching the president. The whole court, eh? Then it has changed.”

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