The vitamin that helps increase muscle: these are its benefits

Muscle tissue is key to the body, as it performs such important functions as facilitating the movement of the skeleton and internal organs, as well as the heart.

This fabric is what allows that all the muscles and organs of the organism exert the fundamental movements of contraction and relaxation. It acts as an important stabilizer of body position and works at the same time as a regulator of balance and motor control, helping to maintain an upright body posture, the portal specifies. Better with Health.

Muscle health is important, so many people go to the gym looking to strengthen them. However, this task is not easy, because it requires practice and good food.

Therefore, to keep it healthy and in good condition, it is important to apply changes in lifestyle. In addition, experts point out that to achieve the challenge it is necessary to consume vitamin D, which, according to the portal AS, is a micronutrient that the body requires, as it promotes the absorption of calcium from food, and strengthens bones and muscles.

A study published in the United States National Library of Medicine revealed that this vitamin is essential for skeletal muscles, helping to repair and hypertrophy.

Still other studies show an improvement in muscle strength through this micronutrient.

Likewise, these are some of the foods that can help in the recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue.

1. Carrots or apricots: these two foods are rich in vitamin A, which is key to regenerate tissues. This nutrient contains a type of antioxidant known as beta-carotene and is effective in regulating cell working in healthy muscle tissue and maintain.

The recommendation is to include this vitamin in the muscle tissue for daily diet, soft tissues such as mucous membranes and even bones stay healthy. Other foods such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, melon and mango also contain significant amounts of vitamin A.

2. Rich in vitamin C: all foods with high content of vitamin C are important to provide benefits to the body. One of them is the production of substances such as collagen. This vitamin also helps improve the ability of the connective tissue and to regenerate and strengthen blood vessels, which benefits the circulation and help repair the myocardium more effectively. Some foods that contain vitamin C are citrus fruits, such as orange, tangerine and lemon, as well as other fruits such as kiwi.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables: These types of foods are essential for obtaining vitamin D and, therefore, greatly strengthen muscle tissues. The myocardium, for example, benefits from these nutrients that help it stay healthy and healthy, says the Cardioteca portal.

4. Chard: Swiss chard is one of the best green leafy vegetables for muscle regeneration. They contain folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamin K, among other properties. The latter is essential to improve blood coagulation, stopping bleeding and facilitating the healing process of damaged tissues. In addition to helping the tissues of organs such as the pancreas or the digestive system remain healthy. A similar function is fulfilled by broccoli and cauliflower.

5. Olive oil: after suffering cardiovascular disease, one of the things that most experts recommend is to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. In this process olive oil is key, especially extra virgin, which is characterized by being an unsaturated fat, which facilitates obtaining nutrients and generating good cholesterol.

Scientific analyzes have determined that virgin and extra virgin olive oil are a compound called oleocanthal, which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which helps in strengthening the tissues.