The viral photo of two small Racing fans who did the impossible to get a greeting from Enzo Copetti

Daniel Sar he is 50 years old, he is a fan of Racing and proudly boasts that he belongs to a family closely linked to the Academy. His grandfather worked 39 years at the club, as did his father, who worked for 18. He remembers going to the Cilindro since he was 2 years old and as if that were not enough, he does the same with his three children, whom he takes to the field “since they were born”.

Bianca Celeste11 years old, and Mine of 10, are the protagonists of a story that moved soccer fans and that He showed that the love of brothers stands up to any obstacle.

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The image shared by the Twitter user @Delficatani showed to a girl who was acting as a “stool” for another so that she could see her idols. This happened in one of the popular areas of the stadium, which is located on the side of the field and which has the peculiarity of being close to the substitute bench of the Academy.

Bianca makes Mia a little stool so she can take a picture of Enzo Copetti, her idol. The photo went viral on social networks and generated a sensation among Racing fans. (Photo TW @delficatani)

Daniel, the father of Bianca and Mia, told TN how the situation arose: “Mia, the one in the middle, wanted to greet Enzo Copetti since she is a fan of social networks and has him as an idol. So she asked her sister to upload it so she can take a picture of it. It is a habitual practice in them and they always do it”.

Daniel says that this place on the court is special. It is part of the popular Presidente Perón stadium and has the peculiarity of having several soccer fields painted on the ground. It is one of the most familiar places in the Cylinder: hundreds of kids run and play there while their parents watch the game.

Daniel and Bianca, Racing fans from the cradle.  (Photo TN Sports)
Daniel and Bianca, Racing fans from the cradle. (Photo TN Sports)

“We go to the field every game and always to the same place. For them it is the living room of their house. Bianca, who is a sweetheart and has a very maternal spirit, has been at the Cilindro since she was born and must already have 60 or 70 games. She always helps her sister and takes care of her little brother too. That sector of the court is very beautiful, it is angelized. There the boys play and one can watch the game with complete peace of mind. There must be few fields in the world where the boys enjoy that way. For them it is like playing in a square”.

As Daniel described, that sector of the court (in one of the coasts where the transmission booths used to be) was also the protagonist of another beautiful story. the of Santiago Fretes, a disabled boy who had lent a crutch to his friend so I could watch the game.

(Images courtesy TyC Sports)

But the history of Banking does not end only there. She was also the star of the Paso a Paso program summary, which recorded her dancing and playing during the match between Racing and Unión, last Saturday.

Daniel is proud and understands that the Academy games generate a special bond with his children: “I look forward to every Sunday to share with them. The result is anecdotal. Beyond that one never likes to lose, the last thing I want is to go alone to the field. I always want to go with them because I have a good time, they have a good time and it is an outing that we all look forward to every fortnight”.

Enzo Copetti, the idol of the boys

In the last few hours, a video of Enzo Copetti greeting the boys who are in the popular Racing team went viral. As well as Mia and her little sister, hundreds of little fans of the academy try to take a picture or say hello to their idol, who is only a few meters away.


Santi Fretes, the boy who moved the Racing world

The story took place in 2016. The photo of two children on a pair of crutches watching the Racing game, the afternoon where Diego Milito said goodbye was a touching image. Once it was made public, it began to go viral so quickly that it reached the front page of the newspapers.

Santi Fretes, who was 10 years old at the time, is a fan of the Academy and never misses a match. In the popular they knew him as the “crack of the crutches” for his ability to play ball, despite his disability.

In 2016, Santi Fretes thrilled the world of football.
In 2016, Santi Fretes thrilled the world of football.

His mother said that Santi has a genetic malformation and that is why he is missing a leg. However, for the boy it was never an impediment and in addition to playing soccer in a masterful way, he is also a green belt in taekwondo.