The unknown cup that the National Team won 5-0: Papu received it

The National Team brought a cup from the tour of Europe that was not in the plans. Estonia had put a trophy up for grabs in the friendly against Argentina at the El Sadar stadium in Osasuna. And, at the end of the 5-0, the schedule was fulfilled: the Copa Fútbol Hospital has a new owner, the Scaloneta.

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It was decided to award this trophy because, as explained in Estonia, the champion of the America’s Cup was facing the winner of the Baltic Trophy. “This will give both teams the opportunity to improve their prize box. This does not happen very often at the national team level,” he had explained in the previous one.

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After the 5-0, the Estonian coach took the Copa Fútbol Hospital in order to give it to a player from Argentina. And there was Papu Gómez, who grabbed the second trophy that the National Team won on this tour of Europe, after the Finalissima. Papu took advantage of the chance he was given in the friendly against Estonia. He showed that when he walks in, he doesn’t clash. He walked through Lo Celso’s zone of influence and contributed to the cause: especially with a great assist on Messi’s second goal, a special definition of 10.

Estonia coach Thomas Häberli analyzed the game and acknowledged: “The main reason why we lost so much is the quality. We have to accept that this is not our level. These are things that happen.”

In addition, when asked about his feelings after the defeat, he was honest: “It’s difficult to say after the game, but we knew what could happen to one of the best teams on the planet. The first and second goals were too easy. But we have to find out At what level is Argentina playing. They won the title five days ago. It was very difficult. We have to accept that they are better than us.”

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The victory against Estonia to pure goal

Another win. One more. Another hit. Like against Italy. Another undefeated match. Now, 33. Another step towards Qatar, of course. And above all, another colossal chair of Lionel Messi. Yes, the National Team’s victory against Estonia, the 5-0 that closed this tour with title included, had everything. In particular, a tremendous show from the captain, with this historical record of five goals (one from a penalty, three from a huge bill, the last one because it was Messi), that invites more and more to illusion, to hope. For that happy face of all happiness with which he plays (at Wembley as well as in Pamplona) but also for a Selection present in all its versions, determined, well in the head, in good health. Impossible, thus, not to get excited, beyond the weakness of the rival and that there are still five months to go before the World Cup.

Messi’s 5 goals

The Argentine record

Lionel Messi scored five for the National Team, for the first time for him in the National Team, in the 5-0 win over weak Estonia. And he reached no less than 86. In the National Team he had scored a maximum of three, as in a friendly against Brazil, and this Sunday, June 5, 2022, he jumped to five. Now, who had converted so many in the same National Team match? Crespo, Batistuta, Kun Agüero, some great of recent times? No not at all.

It’s been exactly 80 years since a National Team player scored five goals in the same game. In fact, a single Argentine footballer had managed to score five: he is Charro Moreno, one of the greats who left the country (look at these pearls that he threw in River).

More than Puskas

Lionel Messi made history and scored five goals in the same game with the Argentina National Team shirt, repeating the milestone of Charro Moreno 80 years ago and surpassing Ferenc Puskás in fourth place in the historical table of national team scorers, with 86 goals . The late Spanish-Hungarian center forward who played and shone both in the national team of his country of origin (Hungary) and in the Spanish team was relegated to fifth place in the table, with 84.

Leo’s message

“We couldn’t end the season in a better way. We won the Finalissima and today we added more minutes preparing for the World Cup. Thanks again to everyone who came to the pitch and to those who follow us from a distance. We’re going to rest for a few days and we’ll be back very Soon! Hugs to all!!”, wrote Lionel Messi on his Instagram account after another historic performance, in which he scored five goals in the friendly against Estonia.