The tears of his relatives, the “indefensible” NBA player and what will become of his future: 12 phrases by Facundo Campazzo

Facundo Campazzo is one of three Argentines in the NBA (Gettyimages)

The present of Facundo Campazzo in the NBA is uncertain. After coach Michael Malone’s decision to remove him from the Denver Nuggets In the second part of the regular season, so far in the playoffs, the Argentine point guard played a total of 10 minutes in the three games of the series that the Golden State Warriors they win 3-0.

Next Sunday, at home, it could be the last game for the Cordovan in the franchise that gave him the opportunity to reach the best basketball league in the world. After two seasons, the driver of the Argentine team showed his credentials as a passer and also his defensive ability on the field.

Waiting to find out what will happen to his future, Campazzo spoke to the NBA Latin America and referred to the emotion of their relatives when they saw him on court against the best in the world of the discipline, he explained who are the players who most dazzled him in the daily competition and defined what do you want for the next few years of your career in world basketball.

The best phrases of Facundo Campazzo

How was your landing in the NBA: “The first season was a bit strange due to the covid issue, now I am seeing the NBA world a little more. I imagined it a little because of Manu, Luis, Pablo, Chapu, Carlos, everyone… More or less we asked them things and they told us all this. I more or less imagined it. But personally, it’s ugly, but you end up getting used to living it every day, it’s something everyday.

The emotion of his relatives to see him play: “I value it when a relative visits me. My cousin came and when he saw me play he started to cry. My cousin came and started crying. My mom came and she was moved. It’s what she dreamed of. I enjoy very much. Every day I wake up I try to enjoy it. The NBA itself makes you enjoy it.”

How do you handle the situation of not having minutes?: “Now that I don’t play, I train more. We do 3 against 3 that do not play and assistants. At first I was a little lazy, because it’s all one against one. I like tactics more, marking plays. But I looked for a way to have fun, improve, compete at the same time. Now I’m having a good time. I like to compete with the attendees, I talk to them. You learn from these situations, I try to see the positive side. I try to be physically fit, in a good mood, happy where I am. Nor cover the forest. I’m in the NBA, where I wanted to be. I want to show my game, but when things don’t work out I try to put my energy into what I can control, like training, being physically fit. I try to handle it well.”

Your mood for not playing: “I’m not bad at all. I love to play, but I also try to learn from those around me. I try to learn from the league. Let it be a constant learning, I see that good side of things. I want to play, but you get to know yourself in these situations and I try to learn how to work and be ready”.

His dialogue with the Denver coach: “Is spoken. He told me he wanted to try new things, different rotations, but that didn’t mean he didn’t play. Try to always be prepared. It’s good when they talk to you, because you know what’s going on. If you take it personally is where you go wrong. The team is always ahead. If I put myself in the coach’s shoes, I would do the same, look for the best, as much as possible, so that the machine works on its own. I would never think anything of a single player.

The balance of his game in the NBA: “In my career I was used to the point guard having the ball, but now it’s running. In our case the pivot is a point guard. I try to improve those things in my game, like movement without the ball. When to cut, when not. I think I improved from the first season.”

Campazzo will define his future in the NBA after the end of the playoffs (Getty Images via AFP)
Campazzo will define his future in the NBA after the end of the playoffs (Getty Images via AFP)

Which league figures dazzled him: “There are several of the incredible ones. But when I came here I saw that it is even more incredible. Stephen Curry. The one that surprised me the most is Middleton. When I saw him live he seemed like a tremendous player. He has a lot of scoring fundamentals, he moves well, he complements Antetokounmpo well. Then the physical stature of LeBron, of Antetokounmpo. Damian Lillard. I was also surprised by Irving, he is indefensible. One of the most difficult for me to defend. You count on them going to 30 points. You already enter with less than 30. You know that they are going to give you points. I try to share with you, but at the same time it is frustrating.”

The likes of Nikola Jokic: “It is super curious. For someone of his caliber and age he always helps you improve. He has no social networks. You always see him reading a book. The whole trip reading the book. And he finishes it and grabs another. He likes horses. He is also someone very close, he helps you if you need something. At the time of playing it is not necessary to say much, everything is seen. Every one of the Denver players is a better player after every game thanks to Jokic.”

What is Denver like?: “It is a very beautiful city. Although it is cold in winter, you have many sunny days. It is an adaptation for the family, with the language and the culture. But we adapt well and the team is always available to keep you calm”.

What comes with the Selection: “When a season is over I want to play, and even more so now. I talk a lot with the boys, with Nestor too. I’m anxious, excited about what’s coming with the national team”.

Ginobili in the Hall of Fame: “It’s something amazing. I can’t find a specific word to put it in context. You have to take dimension of all this. That he is Argentine, that he played for us, that I was lucky enough to share a team.

His future in the NBA: “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. For the next few years I want to stay in this league for as long as I can. What the physique and talent gives me. Later it will be seen. If Real Madrid has always been like my home, it may well come back. If he loves me. Now I’m calm, but two months from now, I get anxious. My contract ends now, I’m free.”


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