The superfood that helps lose weight and is rich in vitamins

Losing weight is the dream of many people to have a better figure and also take care of their health. To achieve this goal they resort to healthy diets and exercise, but there are some foods that help you lose those extra pounds.

The superfood they recommend on the portal The Provinces It is the moringa oleifera, which is well known for its therapeutic and medicinal purposes, but it has fiber and proteins that help maintain a feeling of satiety so as not to be tempted to ‘snack’ meals, mainly foods rich in calories.

In accordance with studies conducted by the University of Ottowa, moringa is used to reduce cholesterol levels and helps lose weight for its properties to accelerate metabolism and sometimes decreases appetite.

Another benefit of this plant is in treating some gastrointestinal problems, as it serves to regulate the functioning of the intestine.

The amino acids and proteins that moringa contains are those that help act directly as a metabolism stimulant that helps burn fat.

“Moringa for weight loss is drunk and prepared as a tea; It consists of boiling the herb and then consuming it hot or cold (depending on taste)”, points out the Salud 180 portal. In addition, on the aforementioned website they advise taking this infusion in the morning or in the afternoon, because at night it can cause problems. for sleeping.

In Salud 180 they also advise not to exceed the consumption of moringa, they also warn that this is not the magic formula to lose weight, because to achieve this purpose you must have a healthy diet and regularly practice physical activity.

According to the specialized portal Ya Salud, Moringa seeds contribute to weight loss, as they work as a natural purifierThey regulate intestinal transit, cause a feeling of satiety, help the body convert fats into energy, speed up metabolism and are low in calories.

One of the ways to consume them to lose a few kilos is to peel the seeds until their white center is exposed, then it is possible to consume it as capsules or in food as peas.

Likewise, one of the most traditional ways to consume moringa is in tea. To do this, put a cup of water on the fire and when it is about to boil add three teaspoons of dried leaves, remove from the heat, let stand for five minutes. It is then strained and sweetened with honey to taste.

“The miracle tree, the tree of life, the ben oil tree or the horseradish tree,” says Medical News Today about the other names that moringa has.

According to the aforementioned portal, moringa is rich in nutrients such as:

  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin).
  • B2 (riboflavin).
  • B3 (niacin), B-6.
  • Folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
  • Calcium.
  • Potassium.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Match.
  • Zinc.

In addition to helping to lose weight, moringa is ideal for protecting the skin and hair care. It contains proteins that protect skin cells from the damage it can suffer, it is also rich in moisturizers and detoxifiers, which enhance skin and hair.

Containing calcium and phosphorus, moringa is ideal for bone care. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps treat conditions like arthritis and “can heal damaged bones,” says Medical News Today.

According to the portal, moringa reduces the severity of some asthma attacks and “has been shown to help improve lung function and breathing in general.”

On the other hand, this plant helps reduce the risk of suffering from kidney stones, as antioxidants can help reduce toxicity levels in the kidneys.