The South American Youth Games begin in Rosario: unique park, 2,500 athletes and everything there is to know

Rosario 2022 will take place from April 28 to May 8 (Rosario 2022)

The wait is over. After the momentum generated by the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, another Argentine city will host a sporting event that will receive delegations from the entire region. Rosario will become the epicenter of South American sport with the third edition of the South American Youth Games 2022.

The event will take place until Sunday, May 8. It was intended to be held in 2021, but due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it forced the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to be postponed and, therefore, delayed other events on the sports calendar. Some will participate 2,500 athletes between the ages of 14 and 17 from 15 countries, who will compete in 26 disciplines.

The Argentine delegation will have 259 athletes They will participate in all sports. The flag bearers chosen for the opening ceremony, which will take place in the Parque Independencia Lake, were the tennis player Luciana Moyanoand the player of the men’s basketball team 3×3 Nicholas Chiaraviglio.

At just 16 years old, Luciana was one of the stars of the Argentine team at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali Valle in 2021: she won two gold medals, one in singles and the other in mixed doubles. Additionally, she is one of the top 50 in the world on the junior circuit. In the case of Nicolás, she is a member of the Libertad de Sunchales club and is also a member of the U18 national preselection.

Luciana Moyano and Nicolás Chiaraviglio, the Argentine flag bearers for Rosario 2022 (COA)
Luciana Moyano and Nicolás Chiaraviglio, the Argentine flag bearers for Rosario 2022 (COA)

To face the traditional long distances that link the different competition venues with the place where the athletes stay -in this case the delegations will be in hotels in the city center-, the organization of Rosario 2022 in charge of Diego Sebben thought of housing the 24 sports with 8 clusters and 17 stadiums. This is how the Unique South American Park was born.

“It is an innovative concept that It will allow us to optimize the times of operations and logistics to the maximum, also taking into account that the hotels where the athletes will stay are only ten minutes from Parque Independencia.. We believe that it is the great strength of these Games and we are sure that many will take it as an example for future competitions of the Olympic cycle”, analyzed the general director of the Games together with Infobae.

Tickets for the competitions will cost 250 pesos. They can be obtained through the Rosario 2022 site and, in the case of disciplines such as 3×3 basketball, climbing, skateboarding, triathlon and cyclingaccess to the public will be free.

Rosario 2022 sports list
Rosario 2022 sports list

“Parque Independencia is the great green lung of the city. And it is in a strategic place. That is why the objective is to achieve a more urban and interesting event for the public, with interconnected sports, cultural and educational activities. Not only will there be the Fan Fest and all the sports venues inside the Park, but also the Operational Centers. The layout of the sports venues in this space will provide athletes and spectators with a unique experience and will show the essence of the city with its museums, the Rose Garden and the Little Lake, among many other things. Education and culture will also play a very important role here, which in the Youth Games has the same relevance as sports,” he added. Adrian Ghiglioneundersecretary of sports of the city, in his explanation of what will be the heart of Rosario 2022.

In this sense, within the Park there will be, for example, the racecoursewhich will host the rugby 7, archery and hockey 5, but which will also serve as the event’s operations center with the International Press Center (MPC), for volunteers and other offices typical of an event of such an organization. Another of the places where fans will be able to follow their athletes will be the Municipal Stadium “Jorge Newbery”space where athletics will take place on the “Luis Brunetto” track or La Rural, the venue where more sports will be played: there will be a total of 11.

The Rosario Hippodrome will host rugby 7, archery and hockey 5 (Rosario 2022)
The Rosario Hippodrome will host rugby 7, archery and hockey 5 (Rosario 2022)


The choice of tea It is based on the fact that it was the mascot of the second edition of the Cruz del Sur Games (later called ODESUR) that took place in 1982 in the city and also in the province of Santa Fe. uterus unfolds its low flight over Argentine culture. “Teru Teru”as it was called, was the official character of the most important sporting event in the history of the city, remaining in the memory of each of the athletes who participated.

It is a bird that lives throughout Latin America. In Rosario they are mostly found in Parque Independencia, the nerve center of the Games.

Teté, the mascot of Rosario 2022
Teté, the mascot of Rosario 2022


The design of the medals is inspired by Parque Independencia, the most important green “lung” in the city. And the most comprehensive symbol of them are their leaves of their hundreds of species that are part of space. Some of the varieties of trees that afforest the Park are eucalyptus, willows, bananas, cypresses, jacarandas, ceibos and lapachos, among others. But there is one that is characteristic of this place and its leaves are the protagonists of the medals: liquidambar. This species has hundreds of specimens in the Park and is the most striking in the fall season due to its color that ranges from yellow to intense red.

These Games will have a distinctive aspect in the delivery of the medals. In Rosario 2022 there will be a Main Awards Centerwhich will be located in the heart of the Fan Fest, right on Oroño Boulevard in front of the Monument to Manuel Belgrano, and where the award ceremony for most sports will take place.

The medals of the South American Youth Games
The medals of the South American Youth Games


But Rosario 2022 will not be just a multi-sport event. It will also be a space where there will be musical shows, different gastronomy options and spaces where the public can be part of and practice different disciplines. The Fan Fest of the Games will have free admission for all those who want to visit a place where, for the first time, it will have the unique award podium. Yes, the vast majority of medal winners will visit a common space where they can celebrate their metal with people a few meters away.

The Fan Fest will be the heart of the Games and where we hope that a million people will pass during the 11 days of competition. It will be located along Oroño Boulevard, from Pellegrini to 27 de Febrero. There are 900 meters full of attractions for the whole family: there will be a gastronomic square, screens to follow the competitions, provincial and sponsor tents, pre-sports spaces to interact with the public, paddle tennis courts, a large space for eSports, and a main stage where shows will be held and also a large part of sports awards, something unprecedented in events of this type”, Ghiglione told Infobae.

El Laguito, venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games (Rosario 2022)
El Laguito, venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games (Rosario 2022)


One by one, all the sports venues:

-Park Lake: It is an artificial lake that is located on Bv. Oroño. It has two pedestrian bridges and a fountain of dancing waters. In addition to the Opening ceremonies (Thursday, April 28 at 8:00 p.m.) and Closing (Sunday, May 8 at 8:00 p.m.), the triathlon disciplines will be held -relay and super sprint mode- and the streets that surround it will be used for the cycling circuit.

-Racecourse: It will host sports and will also be the operational core of the Organizing Committee of the III South American Youth Games. Rugby 7, archery and hockey 5 will take place in the central oval. In addition, the riding arena will be used for beach handball training.

-Municipal Stadium “Jorge Newbery”: Athletics will be held at the “Luis Brunetto” track and speed and figure skating at the “Roberto Tagliabué” Skating Track.

-The Rural: is the cluster where more sports will be played. In the four existing scenarios there will be the following disciplines: beach handball, beach volleyball, taekwondo, karate, Olympic wrestling, boxing, judo, weightlifting, fencing and table tennis. In addition, the Doping Control station and the Weigh-In Center will be located on the same premises.

-Ride 21: Climbing, skateboarding and 3×3 basketball disciplines will be located. And in one of the existing sectors there will be a space where tickets will be collected to see each of the sports that take place in the Games. In addition, it will be an interactive space in order to carry out activities related to science, such as fairs, shows, exhibitions, games, talks, workshops and festivals.

-Provincial Club: the disciplines of tennis, futsal and artistic gymnastics will be developed; In addition, the development of hockey and rugby training fields will take place.

-Newell’s Club: It is located in the heart of Parque Independencia and badminton will be played in its facilities.

-Swimming Pool Complex: In the brand new premises of the Higher Institute of Physical Education No. 11 (ISEF) will be the complex of pools where the different swimming tests will be carried out.

This is what Parque Independencia looks like at night (Rosario 2022)
This is what Parque Independencia looks like at night (Rosario 2022)


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