The secret of happiness: 4 places to taste waffles and crepes

Sweet or salty. For breakfast, brunch, lunch or snack. For dessert or as a main dish. Waffles and crepes –of French and Belgian tradition, respectively– are great European heritages that solve any meal. Here, a review of the restaurants that offer exclusive benefits for members of Club LA NACION and serve these delicacies in all their versions.


Cocu’s lime and strawberry crepe respects 100% French tradition.

Is boulangerie was created 10 years ago by three French partners who, out of passion, decided to dedicate themselves to spreading their native culture in Argentina. They started with a mission to produce the best baguette in Buenos Aires and expanded to create an authentic French experience. Here everything is made on the day, with selected raw materials and 100% French recipes that reflect flavors, textures and aromas of their origin, from breads to pastries and other specialties. And if we talk about respecting the artisan tradition, of course you can not miss the very French Crepes. At Mercado Soho, in Armenia 1744, you can taste dulce de leche crepes, Nutella (a classic that can be accompanied with seasonal fruits), lime & strawberry (filled with curd lemon and fresh strawberries) or Bourdaloue (stuffed with almonds, pears and nuts).


The Waffle Granola, a bomb.
The Waffle Granola, a bomb.

Did you know that in Novecento there is an exclusive waffle & crepe menu? There are many variants of sweet waffles: Classic (with dulce de leche, red berries and cream or chocolate coating), Banana (with whipped cream and dulce de leche), White & Black (with whipped cream and chocolate), Choco & Americana ( with cream ice cream and chocolate coating), Nutella (stuffed with Nutella and almonds, with dip with whipped cream and American ice cream), Granola (with banana, Greek yogurt, honey and seeds) or Banana & Caramel (with cream ice cream). Among the savory ones, there is the Breakfast (with cheddargolden bacon and fried egg), Salmon & Cream Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Avocado & Cream Cheese and Italian (mozzarella, cherry, arugula and tomato pesto). The crepes section ranges from the classics with Nutella or banana (always with dulce de leche and cream) to the Egg & Bacon variants (with cherry and arugula), Novecento NY (with smoked tenderloin, cheddarspinach, cucumbers and mustard) and Brunchero (with smoked salmon, cream cheesespinach and lemon).

Le Pain Quotidien

The Belgian Warm Waffle goes very well with honey.
The Belgian Warm Waffle goes very well with honey.

Here, daily bread represents much more than mere sustenance. It is a way of life, a symbol of unity around a communal table, of the tradition of breaking bread, of the murmur of conversation and of the jams that pass from hand to hand. The simplicity of organic stone-ground wheat flour, sea salt, water and sourdough are the humble beginning, which is then patiently kneaded and baked by expert bakers into timeless loaves. That is the starting point of Le Pain Quotidien, where everything is made with dedication, craftsmanship and noble ingredients. The Belgian Warm Waffle is one of the stars of the menu. Comes with choice of honey, dulce de leche or jam. What topping you can choose between fresh seasonal fruits, chocolate sauce or a combination of both.


Möoi's Open Salty Waffle is a royal lunch.
Möoi’s Open Salty Waffle is a royal lunch.

There are few places as versatile as Möoi, which, in addition to being open all day, offers dishes for many types of food. with options gluten freevegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, raw and APVL, the menu adapts to the tastes and requirements of all types of public. For breakfast, there is the option of Semi Integral Sweet Waffles, which can come with red fruits, banana, honey and white cheese or with ganache dark chocolate and dulce de leche. Starting at 12:00, a section of the menu is enabled that, under the title of Sandwiches, Cakes & Rolls, includes some ideal dishes for lunch or snack. One of the options is the Open Salted Waffle: it comes with prawns, lime and coriander mayonnaise, spinach, egg and green sauce. It is accompanied with a mix of greens and, the perfect touch, half corn, to eat with your hand and deliciously enchastrarse.

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