The scandal broke out with Marc Márquez in MotoGP for his behavior on the track: “It’s a shame”

The fight between Aleix Espargaró and Marc Márquez in Jerez

They are two well-known surnames in the world of motorcycling. The Marquez and the Espargaro They have been competing at the highest level for many years, always with a rivalry within normal standards, but in this World Cup 2022 the tension has reached a large scale. Alexthe oldest of the brothers Espargarowhich came from a crossroads with Alex Marquez in Portugal, he has now launched strong accusations against the multi-champion Marc Márquez on the eve of Spanish Grand Prix.

Aleix Espargaro shouted to the sky and accused Marc Márquez waiting for him in the last minutes of the second free practice session in Sherry to stick to your wheel and improve your time. the of apriliawho finished 13th, harshly criticized the pilot of Sling (19th), with whom he had a run-in on the track.

In the images broadcast by the MotoGP you see it a Espargaro show your dissatisfaction with Marcinterpreting his way of rolling as an attempt to find the wheel of his aprilia to improve your times.

Aleix Espargaró harshly criticized Marc Márquez for his behavior on the track (Photo: REUTERS)

“He’s been doing it for a long time now. always in the middle of the track waiting and it’s not normal. Today he has done it with my brother, with Gardner, then with Oliveira and then with me. It has been stopped for about a minute. I don’t get it, it’s a shame. The only thing I can think of is that it’s just a lack of confidence. What is Márquez doing waiting for the Aprilia to do a lap to Jerez? I don’t understand, he needs an Aprilia to do a fast lap on Friday. She has made me quite angry”, he shot her in dialogue with DAZN the native of Granollers (Barcelona).

Even, Aleix Espargaro He also made some statements in English where he repeated more or less the same speech but deepened his anger: “I haven’t talked to him, but you should talk to Race Direction. Many speak of Moto3but in the end It’s worse in MotoGP. Is it normal for a rider with so many titles to wait a minute on the circuit to follow the Aprilia? What do the Race Direction guys do? It could be automatic, lap canceled and period; but it’s ridiculous and in the end I lose concentration, I lose the line, but it’s Marc Márquez. He passed in Malaysia and also in Sachsenring, he has been waiting for a minute in the middle of the track”.

Marc Márquez downplayed criticism for his performance in rehearsals in Jerez (Photo: REUTERS)
Marc Márquez downplayed criticism for his performance in rehearsals in Jerez (Photo: REUTERS)

The answer of Marc Márquez Do not be late. “About Aleix, I don’t want to give him more hype. It’s a natural part of motorcycling. I don’t know exactly why but complains about everything. I don’t know why she was complaining this time. I was going slow, I didn’t even want to look for a wheel because I didn’t have the speed, I didn’t have the bike I wanted, and I knew I couldn’t improve my time much. So… I saw that he moved his hands and I didn’t even want to give it more importance, ”she commented.

The eight-time world champion has already been criticized on more than one occasion for this tactic but has explained that it is something natural within the competition. “You must look for life, ways to learn. Here, in the fast zones, going after someone helps me manage myself physically, the bike moves less, I need less strength and at the same time I go faster. Here many look for wheels. In the end, the cameras look for you, you are who you are, ”he had said in September last year.

The gesture that Aleix Espargaró made to Marc Márquez during free rehearsals in Jerez.
The gesture that Aleix Espargaró made to Marc Márquez during free rehearsals in Jerez.

When asked about Aleix Espargaro may have personal problems with him and his brother, Marc Márquez said that he believes it is more an issue linked to the current level of aprilia: “I don’t think I have a fixation. I think that when I was in that position, because I have been, ahead in the World Cup, going fast and they looked for a wheel for me, I felt strong, I did not complain. I was proud that they looked for the wheel for me. It is normal that if you are ahead in the World Championship and you are going fast, you have to feel proud that they look for the wheel for you. If you have confidence in yourself, or when you’re going fast and you’re fighting for a World Cup, you don’t care. And one more rider who was number 20 today. This is motorcycling, it has happened and it will always happen.”


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