The referees for date 2

In the continuity of the First Division tournament, the AFA announced the referees and the VAR for the second day, which will start this Thursday. River-Atlético Tucumán, on Saturday at 8:30 p.m., will be directed by Fernando Espinoza. While Central Córdoba-Boca, on Sunday at 8:30 p.m., by Pablo Echavarria. Look at all the designations and how the date is played.

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date 2

Thursday June 9

Newell’s – San Lorenzo at 20

Referee: Trucco, Silvio Assistant 1: Fernandez, Julio Assistant 2: Lucero, Eduardo Fourth referee: Ceballo, Cesar

Friday June 10

Gymnastics – Board of Trustees at 4:30 p.m.

Referee: Lamolina, Nicolas Assistant 1: Rossetti, Mariano Assistant 2: Trucco, Gisela Fourth referee: Paletta, Hector

Aldosivi – Students at 19

Referee: Rey Hilfer, Leandro Assistant 1: Delbarba, Adrian Assistant 2: Callegari, Javier Fourth referee: Bocca, Bruno

Lanús – Defense and Justice at 19

Referee: Echenique, Fernando Assistant 1: Navarro, Cristian Assistant 2: Vázquez, Juan Fourth referee: Ceballos, Diego

Hurricane – Rosario Central at 9:30 p.m.

Referee: Delfino, German Assistant 1: Chade, Gabriel Assistant 2: Ferreyra, Walter Fourth Referee: Suarez, Gaston

Independent – ​​Workshops at 21.30

Referee: Rapallini, Fernando Assistant 1: Bonfa, Diego Assistant 2: Carretero, Gerardo Fourth referee: Comesaña, Lucas

Saturday June 11

Arsenal – Banfield at 15.30

Referee: Arasa, Nazareno Assistant 1: Aliende, Ivan Assistant 2: Delfueyo, Juan Fourth referee: Macheroni, Maximiliano

Tigre – Barracks at 15.30

Referee: Falcon Perez, Yael Assistant 1: Raineri, Sebastian Assistant 2: Gonzalez, Juan Fourth referee: Barraza, Julio

Sarmiento – Argentines at 18

Referee: Merlos, Andres Assistant 1: Espinoza, Damian Assistant 2: Martin, Diego Fourth referee: Moron, Franco

River – Atletico Tucuman at 8:30 p.m.

Referee: Espinoza, Fernando Assistant 1: Belatti, Juan Assistant 2: Gualtieri, Pablo Fourth referee: López, Ramiro

Sunday June 12

Columbus – Union at 13

Referee: Herrera, Dario Assistant 1: Brailovsky, Ezequiel Assistant 2: Germanotta, Lucas Fourth referee: Dovalo, Pablo

Godoy Cruz – Racing at 15.30

Referee: Tello, Facundo Assistant 1: Nuñez, Ivan Assistant 2: Castelli, Maximiliano Fourth referee: Martinez, Luis

Velez – Platense at 18

Referee: Loustau, Patricio Assistant 1: Bistocco, Marcelo Assistant 2: Paez, Norberto Fourth referee: Mastrangelo, Hernan

Central Córdoba – Boca at 8:30 p.m.

Referee: Echavarria, Pablo Assistant 1: Rodríguez, Facundo Assistant 2: Castelli, José Fourth referee: Baliño, Jorge

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This is how the averages are after the first date

Qualifying for the cups

already started the new tournament of the First Division of the Professional League. The championship that in the end will define two descents and nine quotas for the 2023 Cups.

At the moment, Boca is the only one that already has a place in the Libertadores of the next year for having won the final of the League Cup against Tigre (it was with that resounding 3-0 at the Mario Kempes in Córdoba).

Qualifying for the Cups.

Qualifying for the Cups.

But also, the annual table -which computes the regular phase of the League Cup and the new tournament (between the two there are 41 dates)- will deliver another three classified for the Libertadores and six for the South American.

Day by day they would be getting into Libertadores Racing (33 points), River (30) and Estudiantes (29).

while eIn the South American would be entering Argentinos (28), Defense and Justice and Newell’s (26), Gimnasia (25), Tigre (23) and Sarmiento (21).

The quotas of the Libertadores

1) The champion of the Professional League Cup: Mouth.

2) The champion of the Argentine Cup.

3) The champion of the Professional League tournament.

4, 5 and 6) The three best in the annual table, for which they will add the regular phase of the LPF Cup (14 games) and the 27 of the second tournament (41 games in total). The champion of the League Cup, the champion of the Argentine Cup and the champion of the Professional League tournament will be excluded from this table.

If an Argentine team were champions of the Copa Libertadores 2022, they would obtain an additional place in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores 2023. If this team already occupies any of the planned qualifying positions, its place will be occupied by the next best placed team in the 2022 General Position Table. If this winning team of the Conmebol Libertadores 2022, becomes Champion of the 2022 Argentine Cup (article 25.3 .), its place will be occupied by the best placed First Division team in the 2022 Copa Argentina.

If an Argentine team becomes Champion of the 2022 South American Cup, it will obtain an additional place in the 2023 Conmebol Libertadores Cup. And the same criteria is applied to add places as in the Libertadores.

The quotas of the South American

Six teams will qualify based on the annual table, for which they will add the regular phase of the LPF Cup (14 games) and the 27 of the second tournament (41 games in total). Those teams that have already obtained a place in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores 2023 will be excluded,