The ranking of restaurants: the best in Rosario is in a hotel

The gastronomic offer in the Rosario square is varied and ranges from proposals to eat a classic barbecue to options of fish, pasta and sushi. According to the ranking of TripAdvisorBased on user ratings, these are the 10 best places to eat in Rosario:

1- Excalibur (Dorrego 450)

Excalibur, the rest of the Holiday Inn hotel on Dorrego street

An exclusive space located on the first floor of the Holiday Inn tower. It is not in Pellegrini or Pichincha, the two gastronomic corridors par excellence in Rosario, but even so, this restaurant leads the ranking and is the best positioned according to the reviews and ratings of people on the platform. Buffet breakfast, lunches, dinners, cocktails, an international menu of food and drinks and a special menu for people with celiac disease seduce locals and tourists.

“On our last night of a four-city vacation we came across this magnificent experience. Excellent food and warm attention for a dinner by the pool in the city of Rosario. Excellent Caribbean bondiola”, reviewed a user, and scored the place with five stars.

2- Ceviche (Jujuy 2378)

Sushi restaurant and Nikkei food, which planted a flag in 2016

It planted a flag in the city in 2016. It is a sushi and Nikkei restaurant, which also offers the typical Peruvian dish. “We travel the world in search of new flavors, the most revolutionary condiments and the highest quality raw materials.” This is how they describe themselves on their social networks.

“Excellent experience. Very good snacks of crispy prawns and sautéed seafood. Very good hot sushi too. The perfect drinks. The presentation of the dishes, the service and the place were great”, was one of the opinions.

3- Grilled Chicharra (Pueyrredón 1)

Chicharra takes the name of an old barbecue in the city

The name Chicharra recalls the nickname of a great grill man, responsible for the formidable roasts that were tasted at “La Carmelita”, the legendary grill of the Pichincha neighborhood, located in La Plata (Ovidio Lagos) and Jujuy, between 1918 and 1934. Of course, the menu tempts with classic cuts and individual dishes of the best meats.

“One of the best grills I’ve been to. Everything excellent, from the attention to of course the food. It is worth every penny paid, the truth is that everything was delicious. To repeat many times, ”said one of the many comments on the platform.

4- Escauriza Grill (Escauriza 3612)

It is strategically located in front of La Florida

This grill guarantees you famous fish dishes, barbecue and empanadas. Most customers also recommend their well-crafted tiramisu. The place is strategically located, in front of the municipal spa of La Florida, well decorated and its atmosphere stands out.

“Its location facing the river is ideal. The service is attentive and there are plenty of people working. If you don’t reserve you have to wait and sometimes quite a bit. The dishes are abundant, good cuisine. The milanesas de surubí and all the fish options are very good”, referenced a user.

5- Chinchhibira (Santiago 101)

Chinchhibira was renovated last year, but it is still in the classic corner of Jujuy and Santiago

It has been planted for more than 20 years on the corner of Jujuy and Santiago and its hallmark has always been the cocktail bar. Last year it changed owners, the name was kept and they also opted to make a difference from the gastronomic point of view. The new partners took the risk to maintain the essence of the emblematic cocktail bar, but with a differential given by the design and its menu of drinks and first class cuisine.

“The place is very cute. Each dish has a presentation that needs to be highlighted, they do it differently and I love it. Exquisite food and delicious drinks. I would go back a thousand times”, wrote a user, who also rated the place with five stars.

6- Rock & Feller’s (Boulevard Oroño 106 – Junín 501)

It has two stores in Rosario and is ready to cut ribbons in the center

The brand was born in Córdoba in 1999 and became strong in Rosario with the opening first in Moreno and Córdoba and then in Oroño and Jujuy boulevards, the central headquarters of the themed bar with branches in Alto Rosario and Pilar (Buenos Aires). It is close to cutting ribbons in the historic center of the city, at the intersection of San Martín and San Lorenzo, where the bar of the historic Savoy Hotel operated for decades.

“Very warm place, well decorated, good music, good service and very good dishes. Consistent prices”, they highlighted.

7- Refinery Grill Restaurant (Rawson 443)

Located in the Refinería neighborhood, this restaurant offers signature cuisine, barbecue and pasta

Located in the Refinería neighborhood, this restaurant with signature cuisine, barbecue and pasta, recovered by settling in one of its oldest historic centers. The old mansion on Rawson and Nelson streets existed before the installation of the Argentine Sugar Refinery, therefore it is prior to the formation of the neighborhood itself and how could it be otherwise, the grill bears its name.

“Tasteful atmosphere, good crockery, excellent service, very well prepared food, very wise recommendations, abundant dishes and an excellent wine list”, was one of the reviews.

8- Bruno’s Canteen (Montevideo 2798)

A traditional pasta restaurant with an Italian accent

A traditional pasta restaurant with a very Italian accent. The menu seduces with noodles, gnocchi, cannelloni, lasagna, ravioli, sorrentinos, capelletis and crepes with the most varied sauces. A very nice little corner on the corner of Montevideo and Ovidio Lagos.

“The menu is extensive and the pastas are delicious. I ordered ham and ricotta capelletis and they were super stuffed. The pastas are homemade and with a really Italian taste. The waiters and the attention in general is very cordial. The dishes come out very quickly. We will definitely be back,” one user commented.

9- Sunderland (Avenida Belgrano 2010)

One of the most emblematic restaurants, which returned to business 10 years ago

It went through different stages. It was a typical warehouse and bowling alley for sailors, the meeting point of the bohemian and a must for those who visited the city. A fire completely destroyed the building in 1989 and the crisis of 2001 pushed its owners to lower the shutters. It reopened in 2012 and, with 10 years in the ring, it is positioned as one of the restaurants preferred by Rosario. In fact, it still retains some memories of yesteryear, such as the autographed postcards of illustrious citizens or the old tin counter.

“Very rich and varied food, a different place, a country store-type atmosphere but with a varied menu, although it is not cheap,” reflected a user on the platform, and qualified the restaurant with the best score.

10- The Gardens (Spain and Barrancas del Paraná)

One of the most beautiful places to eat overlooking the river

One of the most beautiful places to eat overlooking the river. The menu is varied and stands out for its extensive menu of fish, meat and pasta. You can enjoy food and drinks at the restaurant counter or sit outside to enjoy the unsurpassed waterfront view.

“I have always really liked Los Jardines and, in fact, I recommend it when someone from outside comes. I went for lunch at noon and I got the impression that the quality dropped a bit in some aspects, but the food is always very good, some prices out there are above considerable”, considered a user.