The rain forecast, one more incentive for the Imola GP

Formula 1 faces this weekend its return to Europe. After a start to the 2022 season in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia, it will be Italy who hosts the World Cup for the first time in the old continentin an old school circuit like Imola who will receive the championship for the third time since his return. It will be a very special Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, not only because of the setting and the history of the track, but also because of the attractions that will accompany the weekend.

Sprint and chance of rain as a great union

Perhaps the most striking is that Imola will be the first appointment with sprint format from 2022, with a changed format compared to what we saw last season. And it is that, responding to the criticism of many fans, who were not convinced by this new form of classification for granting only three points for the first three of the short race on Saturday, from this season the loot will be much greater.

Thus, from now on, as many to the top eight finishers in the standings to the sprint on Saturday. The winner, who will come out first on Sunday, will take eight points. The second, seven. The third, six. And so on until reaching the only point that will win the eighth of the race. This will seek to increase competitiveness, trying to encourage aggressiveness and courage of the pilots does not come only at the starts, as was the case in 2021.

Although this format will debut on a circuit where completing overtaking is very difficult due to the narrowness and configuration of the track, it will be tested again in Austria and Brazil. In this case, on Friday, after free practice (1:30 p.m. local time), the traditional classification will be held (5:00 p.m.), whose fastest driver will receive pole position in terms of nomenclature. The sprint classification will take place on Saturday at 16:30, at 21 laps or 30 minutes. The race, meanwhile, will be on Sunday at 15:00 usual hours.

However, it should be noted that this entire program may be marked by the second and great incentive: the chance of rain. And it is that everything seems that the pilots will have to face the liquid element at some point of the weekend according to the forecasts, as it happened last season.

Friday seems, a priori, the most critical, with low temperatures, between 11 degrees and 16, and with up to an 80 percent chance of rain. Looking ahead to Saturday and Sunday it will drop, although we must not forget the umbrella, with 30 and 40 percent forecast, respectively.

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