The questions and answers that the Red fan wants to know

The weather was hot in the Independiente stadium in recent games. The economic situation of the club, the uncertainty regarding the date of the elections and the present of a team that does not achieve the expected results caused discomfort. Héctor Maldonado, general secretary of the club and right-hand man of Hugo Moyanodid not dodge any questions and answered everything in dialogue with Olé.

-How is the situation of the debts with the AFIP and with Verón?

-Here there are no embargoes neither from the AFIP, nor from Verón. What happened is that we did not reach an agreement. On Thursday there was a conciliation hearing, we offered what we could pay and they lowered it a bit, but they are far from what we intend. So this goes to the Supreme Court. Since there is no sentence, then they cannot seize us.

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-But the Avellaneda Labor Court No. 2 indicated that Independiente has to pay Verón $4,800,000, right?

-No, well… That reference was taken but changed. They are not going to seize us, a property that the club has in Quilmes was taken as collateral. What happened in the case of Verón is that a bond came out, not a verdict.

-So they managed to change the embargo on television rights to put the club’s property in Quilmes as collateral? Was there an agreement on that aspect with the creditor?

-Sure. This is a bond and not a sentence. If it were a sentence we would have to pay, but a surety is a bit baseless. In this sense, it has to be done, but you don’t know how the final ruling will come out. If it is in our favor, what happens?

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-Are you going to appeal to another instance of appeal?

-Of course, we are going to go to the Supreme Court.

– And how do you warn that the final ruling can come out?

-I believe that, at least, if there is a sentence it will take eight years. More than five for sure. So it’s not like we’re going to have seized accounts. That is totally wrong. We are going to continue in the position of what we offered Verón, which is 1,000,000 dollars to solve the problem. If we can’t fix it on those values, we go to the Supreme Court.

-How much time is going to stretch the resolution?

Yes, at least five years. Or more. I think there will be more.

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-Do you make any self-criticism regarding the contract that was signed at the time? How can it be that the amounts of the debt claimed are so high?

-It is not a signed contract. The original debt was $800,000. They ask us for 6,000,000 because there was a fraud process, an invention. They are all criminally denounced for a procedural fraud: lawyers, representative and player. He declared himself in rebellion in mid-2020, in the midst of a pandemic, when people were not circulating on the street. There was nothing, not even the court was working. These are things that we denounced, that is why the Chamber of Lomas de Zamora at the time suspended the sentence until the criminal situation of all the things that intervened was resolved.

-If you don’t owe him that money that Verón is asking for, why did Avellaneda’s Labor Court No. 2 issue a bond indicating that you have to pay him $4,800,000? Beyond the future appeal instances, that bond has already been issued…

-What happens is that it is also rare that the player makes a claim of 6,000,000 dollars. And they accepted it. You have to see in what situations. Today we were able to somehow control this issue. Surely through the criminal case initiated and going to the Supreme Court there will be instances in which we will try to ensure that the club does not have to pay this cost, right?

-But why would he claim that amount if you mention they don’t owe him?

-The Court will say how much corresponds. You can claim 20,000,000. You have to see the verdict. We offered him 1,000,000. We understand that this is correct. From there, the Court will have to say. He will go to the Supreme Court and within five years they will decide whether to pay him one, two or three million, if the player, the lawyer, goes to prison.

Maldonado saw the 1-1 between Rojo and Aldosivi together with Hugo Moyano in a box.  (Photo: Juano Tesone)

Maldonado saw the 1-1 between Rojo and Aldosivi together with Hugo Moyano in a box. (Photo: Juano Tesone)

-Now, the reality is that the Court has already raised a very high figure against the club…

-Yes, but hey, it’s a guarantee. And for me they are going to have to lower the security. We are working very hard on this issue and we are doing our best. If it cannot be resolved in the conditions that we want, we are going to finish it in the Supreme Court within ten or twenty years.

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-On Monday at noon the AFIP sent an embargo through the Quilmes Court for a debt of 177 million pesos…

-We did not receive any request for an embargo. We are paying all the debts and I don’t know if there was a month behind. But 15 days ago we paid everything that was there.

-Could it be that the money transfer has not arrived?

-No, no, it was paid by transfer. And the figure we had was much less, I think 27,000,000.

-Then where does the claim for that figure come from on Monday?

-We have no notification of that. There is no embargo. Call the League to see if there are embargoes. The Quilmes Court did not send us anything. They have a direct line with me and before sending an embargo they notify me. Then you try to fix it, if there is something. We are always talking to the AFIP, just in case there is something that you sometimes miss, did you see?

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– And then where did that debt come from?

-It could be from the time of Cantero, that we paid a very important debt. We entered 2014 and in 2016 we paid a very important debt. There we were summoned by the Court, but later we never had a summons again.

-Do you think it could be something that comes from that moment but is not from this administration?

-No, from this management we pay that. I think it was a month that we were behind, nothing more. We have our salaries up to date, we do not have bounced checks and we are paying our debts.

-And the embargo of television rights by Christian Chavez?

-In fact it was not an embargo, but an agreement.

-An agreement in which they deduct money from the television of the matches, right?

-Yes, we should have little left to pay, few installments. We made a payment agreement with the guarantee of the TV rights. If the club does not pay you, they can deduct you from the television rights.

-Do you have any income in dollars planned for the next few days?

-Yes, for Bustos, $450,000 has already entered and that same amount will enter in the middle and at the end of the year. We are also going to collect a bonus from the Atlanta by Ship.

How is the election issue?

-The Traditional Independent Association group has to raise the appeals for protection. If they don’t raise them, it is impossible for there to be elections. We are about to call a meeting of groups to see the steps to follow to put together a single list among all the sectors.

– Is the amparo remedy the one presented by Ritondo?

-Yes, he has to raise it and there will be elections normally.

-But is it possible to call a unit list?

-Sure, that’s why we’re going to call a meeting to make a list by ourselves. We are going to do this in 15 days.

-Could you speak with members of the other lists about this?

-Some people were talked to, they are all going to be invited. And from there, all the people who want to work in the club have the possibility of joining.

-Did you notice predisposition in them or did you see them reticent?

-No, I think they are all aligned and convinced that there has to be a unit list.

-Doman and Rudecindo’s side are convinced?

-The boys with whom I am speaking are convinced. Now we have to see the other sector, the one that made the complaint, I don’t know what they think. Today I read in La Nación that Doman said that there has to be a unit list. That also expresses a little what we think.

-Because of what you were groping. Do you think that there is a predisposition of all the parties to sit down to negotiate the assembly of a list? Or is this a more media issue than real will?

-If you sit down and build a consensus about who is going to be president, there will be no problem. In this you have to work with maturity, be adults. Everyone knows what their limitations are.

-And who could be the president of that hypothetical unit list?

-I have no idea, we will look for the figure that best suits the club.

-It will have to be someone who has no affinity for any list, right?

-No no I dont know. You have to see it. Once the meeting is planned, I think the candidate comes out naturally.

-Are Doman and Rudecindo going to be at that meeting?

-They are going to be invited, later if they come or not, I don’t know.