the people of Neuquén fill the bars and restaurants to celebrate it

Although many prefer to meet at home or wait until the weekend to celebrate their friendship, Friendship Day is usually a busy day for restaurants, which organize special events or receive several groups of guests for a relaxed dinner, even during the week. This year, the gastronomic establishments of the city of Neuquén ran out of space or with very few tables available, a few hours before the celebration begins.

This Wednesday, July 20, going out to eat without a reservation will be a practically impossible task in the capital. Most restaurants have their rooms full or with just a handful of free tables for celebrations with friends, and in many cases they have prepared a special menu to tempt groups and allow them to enjoy a relaxed evening. Although they assure that prices have not changed too much in recent months, an outing of this type can cost between 2,200 and 4,500 pesos per person.

Live, at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, is one of the most exclusive spaces to meet to celebrate this day. The restaurant Calle Doctor Ramón offers a snack that includes a table of pickles, cheeses and dips, gourmet arugula, pear and blue cheese pizzas, beer potatoes with cheddar cheese, roasted vegetable skewers, chicken curry or a veggie version, lamb kebab and salteña or spinach and cheese empanadas.

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Omar Nova

For the sweet table there is an option of red fruit cheesecake, pear triffle with wine and chocolate ingots. And the night closes with American coffee and macaroons. Dinner, which starts at 8 pm and does not include drinks, costs 4,000 pesos per person and already has part of its capacity reserved. “We have very varied groups, of all ages, with tables of two to tables of 15 people,” they explained from the restaurant reception.

Casa Bella, the new boutique restaurant on Fotheringham Street, already has all its capacity reserved. They had prepared two options: a brunch at 2,200 pesos, which includes apple squares, brownie, pastafrola, coconut and cheesecake, as well as sandwiches, pizzas, toast of avocado, scones, flavored rolls and pudding, accompanied by an infusion of your choice and orange juice or lemonade.

For the night, the four-course menu costs 4,500 pesos. You can choose a reception between a creamy salmon with focaccia or a Mediterranean brusquette. For the appetizer there is a choice of crispy lamb patties or provoleta capresse. Diners can choose their main course between marinated entrails with potato gratin, mushroom risotto or braised bondiola with sweet potato cream.

The sweet table includes apple strudel, vanilla ice cream and a glass of champagne for the toast. As in other establishments, the drink is paid separately.

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Omar Nova

Mood Live, one of the most convening spaces among young people, has not yet defined its menu. However, it does have a large number of reserved tables, including both very busy groups and those of two or three people. The price is not yet known, but there is a current promotion: after the first round of beer, the multiple space invites the second.

Viento Sur, at Hotel Comahue, also offers a different menu for this date: a braised pork tapas, tortilla with longaniza, Creole empanadas, combination of brusquetas, lamb casserole and mini-dessert tasting. Also includes a glass of red or white wine, a pint of Stella Artois. Those interested can contact the restaurant for prices and availability.

Although the prices are dissimilar and include a large number of alternatives, most places have almost full capacity for this celebration, and even added more reservations on weekends for groups that celebrate late, further from the work obligations that make them get up early the next day. Even in a context of low temperatures, with the thermometer close to zero degrees at night, there are many who prefer to go out and treat themselves to meet up with friends on a special date.