the party from the eye of the players

Play where you play Mouth always summon. And not to mention if they are not very common destinations for the Xeneize. And that is exactly what allows the Argentine Cup: Give fans from all over the country the chance to enjoy the team they love up close. However, beyond the fact that the images of the madness for Boca are usually repeated every time the team leaves CABA, what happened this Tuesday in La Rioja was a true revolution.

It is that already early, because the arrival of the flight before its rescheduling due to the fog was scheduled for the early hours of the afternoon, thousands of people began to take their places on the route where they knew the bus that took the campus from the airport to the hotel would pass.

many others directly They made a base at the door of the Hotel Naindo, the place chosen for the rest in the previous match against Ferro, this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.

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Thus, when Boca finally landedthe streets were already crazy. A caravan began to follow the bus, which practically advanced at a man’s pace due to the number of people on the sides of the road. And when they finally got to the hotelthe players wanted to give back to their people some of the love received throughout the tour and went out to the balconies to greet the fans.

So much was the revolution, that most of the soccer players took out their cell phones somewhere along the way, They captured some of all that craziness and shared it on their social media.

The Boca of the extremes goes for more against Ferro

Boca is the champion of Argentine soccer. It is, in turn, the Argentine Cup champion. And as if that were not enough, he is classified in the eighth of the Libertadores Cupas one of the top eight. He drags, in turn, an undefeated nine games.

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Their goalkeepers, in that number of games, barely scored two goals. And the team in general, after unstable and stormy times, doubts and uncertainty, He appears to be in good footballing health. But…

The view from the Boca hotel.  Photo: @BocaJrsOficial

The view from the Boca hotel. Photo: @BocaJrsOficial

There is always a but in Boca’s life. And never, in general, all the good that can be means that it is in peace. Now, just after an encouraging debut in the local tournament, just when he arrived with the starters rested to rehearse a new defense of the most federal championship in the country, It has to go through a new internal shock, in this case due to the sanctions of Darío Benedetto and Marcos Rojo, two of its figures.

In any case, this is how Battaglia’s team arrives at a new kill to kill, this time against Ferro, in La Rioja, perhaps with the need to take an extra exam: prove that nothing happened.

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The sanction of two of the team’s leaders caused a jolt in the middle of the calm and if it made noise, it was because of the unexpected: precisely because it is an act of indiscipline by two experienced men, leaders of the group, in charge of leading the way.

Arrival of the Boca Juniors squad in La Rioja.  Photo: Javier Garcia Martino.

Arrival of the Boca Juniors squad in La Rioja. Photo: Javier Garcia Martino.

But the absence they had from training on Sunday morning, the same day of the game with Arsenal (it was for the 11 players not called up for that game), led to Battaglia having to punish them with the same rule he used for Campuzano (he was late for the first day of post-break practice and was left out of Arsenal), although with the plus that meant erasing two heavyweights.

Well then, it remains to be seen how Boca is going to cope with this new internal controversy on the pitch, in addition to the loss of two key players for his game.

Boca fans at the Naindo hotel, waiting for the squad.

Boca fans at the Naindo hotel, waiting for the squad.

with another face

In favor of the circumstance, or rather, its extenuating circumstance, is in everything mentioned in the introduction: Boca today is capable of supporting its small big problems in another way, because it is not suffocated by football, because its management is not at risk, because it lives with more oxygen than hydrogen. And because Battaglia’s suspension of two of his leaders also marks a new era.

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The Boca of the extremes goes for more against Ferro

First, that of a more strengthened DT, with more authority, more determined to stand up against everyone, with another back for the achievements made. And then, that of a squad marked by new coexistence rules, which will seek with this type of exemplary measures that the club begins to cause less news for misconduct or professional care.

Boca fans at the Naindo hotel, waiting for the squad.

Boca fans at the Naindo hotel, waiting for the squad.

Clear accounts preserve or protect relationships. It’s as good for life as it is for football…

If the commotion of the news was not greater, beyond the indirect messages of Agustín Almendra (one of the first punished by the DT, see page 6) against Darío Benedetto, the one who challenged him for his previous misconduct and today was exposed for his own fault, it is precisely because the protagonists of the sanction were called to silence. There was no internal uproar, beyond the surprise in the decision of the DT.

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And if there was any complaint, it was not externalized. It is known that both the defender and the forward they didn’t like that the Lion put them in soccer practice on Monday and then took them off the trip list, but neither did they have the right to kick.

Arrival of the Boca Juniors squad to the city of La Rioja.  Photo: Javier Garcia Martino - Photogamma

Arrival of the Boca Juniors squad to the city of La Rioja. Photo: Javier Garcia Martino – Photogamma

On the other hand, Battaglia also knew how to cushion the media impact of a decision that was clear to him since two of his main players were absent from practice. He let the day pass, so that the news would not be on all the channels and portals early,He communicated his irrevocable measure to the Roman Council and then proceeded to get them off the plane.

Thus, the shock wave did not have much ground to cover: it exploded late and was already chewed up by those involved.

It is true, the question remains as to what would have happened if Boca, instead of facing Arsenal,He encountered these misconduct and this punishment scenario in the run-up to the clash against Corinthians, for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, and not against Ferrofor the Copa Argentina, would the coach have acted the same with two such important figures for the operation of his team just before facing the mother of all battles?

Perhaps this preliminary scenario will help prevent scandals of this type in even more decisive situations, or with more at stake.

The concrete thing is that DT, the day after, also made logical decisions: he replaced Rojo and Benedetto with natural options, such as Nicolás Figal and Luis Vázquez, both starters against Arsenal in the debut.

And then, he opted for the best he has, for the most starting team possible, taking into account the other absences, that of Luis Advíncula and Oscar Romero for being with their respective teams. That’s why, despite everything, the champion will take to the field with a class A version. And with the fire extinguisher in hand. In short, if this team got used to something, too, it is knowing how to put out fires…