The one by one of Argentina against Estonia

1-Franco Armani (6.5): Very attentive to cut a very dangerous deep pass. That was the only action in which he had to intervene. Then he was a luxury spectator. You had to keep your attention, which is difficult when your opponent doesn’t attack you, but he was able to do it.

Everyone to celebrate with Messi the 1-0 (Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros).

26-Nahuel Molina (7): He released himself intelligently, in an attack he dared to finish off from the outside with a spicy right hand that deflected. He barely started in ST, he was projected for a perfect center that Messi billed.

6-German Pezzella (6.5): Well in going to fight for a ball that seemed lost, the Estonian goalkeeper took it and made him a penalty. He then he reappeared at the far post with danger. He always won when he went to cut.

16-Lisandro Martinez (6): Very good foot to always come out with the ball clean. He lost his back on a diagonal, but was saved by Armani. Then it was correct because it was a game in which Estonia spent little or nothing in the middle of the field. He was coming back after a stoppage due to injury and he looked good.

8-Marcos Acuna (6.5): He started positioned to be a clearly offensive side, he threw a nice center back as soon as the game started. He had finishes that were offside by very little. He always pushed high and never stopped projecting himself to be an offload option.

7-Rodrigo DePaul (7): Always active, constantly moved to try to play with Leo. He was seen in a high position to press higher than usual. Tremendous acceleration to start the play that led to Messi’s 2-0. La Pulga gave him a barbaric assist but the Atlético de Madrid midfielder defined a cross outside.

5-Alexis MacAllister (7): In an unusual position for him, he settled in well and moved the middle with short and quick touches. He had a shot with a jump rope from the outside that almost went into a post. Although he had to go back down the field, he was very clear to move the ball to the sides.

17-Papu Gómez (7): Started lit from the left. From the start, he put an impeccable pass between the lines to Joaquín Correa, who put in a spicy cross. He joined Messi in a fast wall that almost ended in a goal by Correa, who was offside. Impeccable to put a perfect assistance to Leo for his second goal. Good high pressure to leave Julián Álvarez facing the goal. He took advantage of every minute he had. He almost had the goal from him with a forehand down the line that goalkeeper Igonen blocked.

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10-Lionel Messi (10): He took charge of the penalty to open the match with a dry cross left-footed shot. He often tried to associate with Papu Gómez. When he accelerated, he made the difference: after a wall with De Paul he was very close to hitting her against a post. He scored the third entering the box with nine-scorer DNA. Every time he lit up, he did magic, like a masterful pass to De Paul that he couldn’t quite pin down. He put a cut pass to Papu that almost ended in a penalty. The fourth goal was a jewel of the paddock, one of the definitions that are rarely seen in professional football… But he wanted more and more, he put it on Nico González like the gods and, after several rebounds, the Flea took care of send her inside for 5-0. A work of art that was seen in Pamplona…

9-Julian Alvarez (6): Standing on the right, it was noted that he left with the usual hunger, although in the first part of the game it was difficult for him to join Messi and Correa. A lot of sacrifice to recover the ball. Very good vision to open the ball to Molina for the center of Leo’s third. He had the goal from him after a great pass from Papu, but the right hand went to Igonen. He had a rebound but it was also covered. It was pure desire.

19-Joaquin Correa (5): He was good at pivoting, played a lot on his back and couldn’t fit in well with the offensive circuit. He was fading with the passing of the minutes and never weighed in attack. He didn’t take advantage of the game.

21-Paulo Dyabala (6): In the first one he played, he was encouraged to try from the outside. He looked comfortable, he played a lot with Messi and Palacios. He hit a spicy volley that led to Leo’s fifth goal. He got along well with the Flea.

25-Marcos Senesi (6): He had the pleasure of having his official debut in the Senior National Team. They almost did not attack him, but he went well to the crossings.

14-Exequiel Palacios (6): He stopped as an insider on the right, good to play fast with Messi and with Mac Allister. Later he finished as a five, but he was always seen well off and with a lot of clarity to move the ball quickly.

2-John Foyth (6): He came on in place of Mac Allister and stood at central midfield, a position he tends to play from time to time. He had some imprecise passes in attack. He then he was a right stopper on the end.

15-Nicolas Gonzalez (6): With the National Team totally in attack, he entered through the Egg Acuña to make the left wing. He almost converted after a great pass from Messi, but Igonen covered it up. A multifunctional option that pays.

4-Gonzalo Montiel (6): He entered for Molina to add the last minutes. He stood as a right midfielder, with a line of three behind him. It was not complicated when passing the ball.