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Status: 11/23/2021 1:44 p.m

On November 23rd, the mixed doubles presents novels, non-fiction and poetry for Christmas. Also included: drawings by Sempé, exciting novels from Sweden and a bestseller by Florian Illies.

So that only the best books end up under your Christmas tree, Annemarie Stoltenberg and Rainer Moritz will be giving reading and gift tips on November 23, from 10 a.m. on NDR Kultur. The three-hour show will be moderated by Raliza Nikolov.

Reading tips with news from Sempé, Illies and Strout

As always, the mixed doubles has the right book for every taste and budget: a volume with the collected drawings by the French artist Sempé and exciting novels from Sweden and the Netherlands. The mixed double is also dedicated to the bestseller “Love in Times of Hatred” by Florian Illies and the new novel by Elizabeth Strout. There are also some new editions to discover. If you still need something against the rising winter blues, Annemarie Stoltenberg recommends “Der Bär auf dem Försterball” and Rainer Moritz will take you to the “Krautwelten”.

AUDIO: The mixed double: book tips for Christmas (part 1) (54 min)

Rainer Moritz and Annemarie Stoltenberg in the NDR Kultur studio © NDR Photo: Annika Bertram

AUDIO: The mixed double: book tips for Christmas (part 2) (54 min)

Raliza Nikolov (left), Annemarie Stoltenberg and Rainer Moritz at "Mixed doubles" in the NDR Kultur studio © Photo: Jil Hesse

AUDIO: The mixed double: book tips for Christmas (part 3) (54 min)

The books of the show

  • Hanns-Josef Ortheil: “Ombre”. Luchterhand, 24 €
  • Gunter de Bruyn: “The new Undine”. S. Fischer, €28
  • Edward von Keyserling: “Treasures of life”. Manesse, €32
  • Peter Hacks: “The bear at the forester’s ball”. Island, €18
  • Marieke Lucas Rijneveld: “My little beauty”. Translated by Helga van Beuningen. Suhrkamp, ​​€24
  • Dagrun Hintze: “Run eighth”. Minimal trash art, €12
  • Emine Sevgi Ozdamar: “A space bounded by shadows”. Suhrkamp, ​​€28
  • MichaelSmith: “The Unsung Hero Tom Crean”. Translated by Rudolf Mast. Maria, €26
  • Franz Hohler: “The grandson trick”. Luchterhand, 20 €
  • Alois Hotschnig: “My mother’s silver fox”. Kiepenheuer & Witsch, €20
  • Florian Illies: “Love in Times of Hate”. S. Fischer, €24
  • Edgar Selge: “Have you finally found us”. Rowohlt, €24
  • Bernhard Schlink: “The granddaughter”. Diogenes, €25
  • Jean-Jacques Sempé: “To and fro”. Diogenes, €40
  • Simone de Beauvoir: “The inseparable”. Translated by Amelie Thoma. Rowohlt, €22
  • Barbara Pym: “Quartet in Autumn”. Translated by Sabine Roth. DuMont, €20
  • Wilhelm Raabe: “German moonlight”. Young and young, €12
  • Elizabeth Strout: “Oh William”. Translated by Sabine Roth. Luchterhand, 20 €
  • Alex Schulman: “The survivors”. Translated by Hanna Granz. Dtv, €22
  • The 2022 literature calendar. Edition Moments, €22
  • Rocio Bonilla: “Happiness lives opposite. How I got to know my neighbors”. Jumbo, €15
  • Angelica Overath: “Herb Worlds”. Island, €15
  • Elke Heidenreich: “It’s this way!” Eisele, €26
  • Dagmar von Gersdorff: “The daughter-in-law. The life of Ottilie von Goethe”. Island, €24
  • Joanna Zoelzer: “Why bees don’t see red and sometimes we turn blue”. TeNews, €24.90
  • Patricia Highsmith: “The diaries and notebooks”. Translated by Melanie Walz, pociao, Anna-Nina Kroll, Marion Hertle and Peter Torberg. Diogenes, €27.99

The program will be repeated on the first Sunday in Advent: Sunday, November 28th, from 8 p.m. in the Sunday studio on NDR Kultur.

The mixed doubles will be breaking new ground in the future

After 64 episodes in more than ten years and with well over a thousand books presented, it is now time for a new beginning under different signs, because Annemarie Stoltenberg is going into well-deserved retirement.

Annemarie Stoltenberg will remain with NDR Kultur in the future with her Tuesday column “Stoltenberg reads” – always live at 7:20 a.m. And of course the listeners of NDR Kultur do not have to do without the expert and entertaining observations of Rainer Moritz. In the future, he will continue to speak as a discussion partner on current literary topics or in special broadcasts on the book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt – or on his other favorite topics: Schlager and football.

And so that there is no pain of parting, there will be a replay in February 2022 in the usual slot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on NDR Kultur: In the book show eat.READ.sleep – with Rainer Moritz as a guest.

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