The millions that River Plate will collect for the return of the recitals to the Monumental and how it will affect the playing field

River Plate will receive a real fortune for the return of the recitals to the Monumental (Photo: @RiverPlate)

The leadership of River Platein addition to maintaining the squad and going in search of reinforcements that would rank the team led by Marcelo Gallardo, it was also proposed to carry out the expansion and modernization of the Antonio Vespucci Liberti.

Although a large part of the work will be financed with the Naming (The house of the Núñez entity was renamed Mas Monumental for the next 7 years. The GDN Group, which has Francisco De Narváez as its main head and owns Changomas and Punto Mayorista, among other companies, will invest some 20 million dollars for 7 years to rename the stadium), the rest will come from genuine resources of the institution, such as the pre-sale of the future lower stands and boxes and the return of the recitals.

Precisely this last point is proving to be a real success and a great financial help for River Plate. Through this channel, the club has so far raised the impressive sum of 6.5 million dollars.

One of the keys to this success was the furor generated by the British band Coldplay, which broke the record of nine performances at the Monumental by Roger Waters (the leader of Pink Floyd got it in 2012). Those commanded by Chris Martin have so far 10 confirmed presentations, which will leave in the coffers of the club about 5 million US dollars (about 500 thousand for each of the shows).

The leadership of the Millionaire presented the next step towards the modernization of the field located in Núñez

Those born in London will sing for thousands of Argentines in the Antonio Vespucci Liberti once the Professional Football League tournament is over. The confirmed dates are October 25, 26, 28 and 29 and November 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

In addition to these 10 Coldplay recitals, the Monumental too will receive three other events. Two will be the ones that will star Harry Styles, former leader of One Direction. They will be on December 3 and 4. Much earlier it will be the turn of the legendary American band Guns N’ Roses. With the unmistakable voice of Axl Rose and guitarist Slash as stellar figures, the Californian group will play on September 30, during a stoppage for being a FIFA Date. for these events will receive approximately 1.5 million dollars.

The rental of the stadium at the time was interrupted at the express request of Marcelo Gallardo, since these events seriously affected the state of the playing field, which undermined his football idea of ​​playing with the ball at ground level. However, this situation has changed completely since the leadership, in the midst of a pandemic, decided to start work to modify the Monumental lawn for a hybrid one (95 percent natural and 5 percent artificial). The last event that hosted the River Plate court was in December 2018, when Andrés Ciro played, with Ciro y los Persas.

The hybrid grass, one of the keys for the return of the recitals to the Monumental (River Plate Press)
The hybrid grass, one of the keys for the return of the recitals to the Monumental (River Plate Press)

“Hybrid turf also provides the opportunity to host concerts again, without damaging the playing field. When we look for different distributors of the playing field, we also look for that possibility of having recitals and that the grass is not harmed, ”Mariano Taratuty, head of the club’s planning area, explained at the time to Infobae.

Another key point, from what President Jorge Brito revealed, is that they will always seek that the dates of the events are far from a match. “However, we will try to have them done on days outside the competition season. This year is a particular calendar, due to the World Cup theme, ”he underlined at the time.

According to what this medium could find out, the producers in charge of bringing these events must put the cover suggested by the Irish company SIS Grass (the one in charge of placing the grass) so as not to lose the guarantee.

The club shared a video with the details

The new system for heating and aerating the hybrid lawn also plays an important role. The first allows the playing field to be heated, depending on the season of the year, either heating or cooling the root zone through a network of water pipes buried 20 centimeters from the level of the grass (for example, in winter the water can be heated up to 50 degrees, while in summer it is possible to regulate up to five degrees). It has 11 temperature sensors and four humidity sensors.

The sophisticated aeration system allows you to proactively manage surface moisture content and remove excess water in seconds, reducing the risk of damage in poor weather conditions. It also has better ventilation in the root zone.


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