The keys to the transformation of Boca according to Battaglia

Boca’s rise was notorious, even exaggerated if you compare one thing with another. Of the doubts and uncertainties from football and the risk involved in reaching the last date of the group stage to know if they qualified for the eighth of the Libertadores or not; even the fact of having been able to run out of a coach on a couple of occasions… However, not only did none of that happen, but also the exact opposite happened.

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However, this analysis sounds even better put into the mouth of Sebastián Battaglia, the true protagonist, who ended up finding his ideal 11, who became champion of the Professional League Cup and who finally got the ticket to the round of 16. And that’s what the 43-year-old coach did after the victory in the debut of the new championship: He put words to this transformation and gave details that until now he had not told.

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1) “I don’t know if the word is free, I think we were finding several things that made us feel stronger and that led to situations that gave us a lot of confidence: win more, become champion… The word is confidence. Trust us”.

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​Confidence, according to Battaglia, allowed Boca to get up after playing against Godoy Cruz in one of the worst games in recent years. To such an extent, that hours after that tie in the Temple, the continuity of the DT was put on the table. But from there and after “locking himself inside doors” as Darío Benedetto recognized after the title in Cordoba, he changed hands…

And it changed because first Battaglia found an 11 that answered him and because little by little he was achieving small goals, like hitting the blow in La Paz against Always Ready and settling in the Cup and how to beat Barracas in La Bombonera and ensure classification in the tournament.

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But without a doubt the break of this Boca was against Defense in the quarterfinals of the League Cup and not only because of the victory, but because a team was seen that pressured its rival in all sectors of the field, that cornered it , that did not let him think and that practically passed him by above. Logically, something of what was seen later in the final with Tigre, whom he thrashed 3-0, and against Deportivo Cali the day he sealed the pass to the round of 16.

2) “And the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to enjoy, right? This club is like that, it demands you all the time. It happened to us at the beginning of this championship, where we had a very short break.”

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Without a doubt, the one who had the hardest time enjoying it was Battaglia himself. Because beyond the fact that he already won his first two titles as DT, the reality is that in the middle there were more problems than joy: his short circuits with Juan Román Riquelme, the bad results and the constant feeling of being on the edge burned the León. However, there is also lifting, there was also concentration and above all the ability to overcome situations. The Lion never threw in the towel, on the contrary, he always stood up despite adversity.

3) “We already got on this train that doesn’t stop and we had only one weekend off, we wanted to move the first date, but we had no luck… And besides, now they show us a Copa Argentina match during the week” .

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Including this debut in the tournament with Arsenal, the Xeneize will play nine games! in just one month (between June 5 and the same day in July), because it will have matches for the League Cup, Copa Argentina and Libertadores. And without a doubt that the (good) replacement of Battaglia was also part of the transformation, since having reached the final of the tournament and winning it, and having qualified for the round of 16 of the Cup was simultaneous, so the DT had to know to choose. And at least so far he chose well, it is in sight.

4) “We must take all the games with the same intensity, with the same enthusiasm. This start of the tournament with Arsenal, in part, was one of the so-called ‘finals’ that we have…”.

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Focusing, full concentration. Boca de Battaglia don’t have easy games because “everyone wants to beat us.” And he proved it that way: he played with the same intensity, although with different teams, against Barracas and Defensa in the tournament, but also against Corinthians and Deportivo Cali. And surely the same thing happens with Ferro in the Argentine Cup.​

The 11 that Battaglia tried for the Argentine Cup

Agustin Rossi; Pedro Velurtas (Figal or Weigandt); Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Pol Fernandez, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; Eduardo Salvio, Darío Benedetto and Nicolás Orsini (Sebastián Villa).

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