The intimacy of the Cardona prison and the talk with Copetti

Enzo Copetti had gotten angry. The images of his discomfort were eloquent. When Pablo Echavarría charged a penalty at the hands of Kevin Andrade, the striker wanted to execute it because, in fact, he was in charge. But… Edwin Cardona quickly approached her, asked her for the ball and placed it on the white spot. The annoyed Tank grumbled while Nery Domínguez tried to calm him down. But after the Colombian scored the goal of the agonizing victory over Platense, former Atlético Rafaela celebrated with him. And everything ended in peace. So much so that a while later, the attacker banked it on Instagram.

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“You deserved it, brother, @e.cardona10. Another victory, we continue #all together @racingclub”, Enzo posted after the team’s seventh win in a row. A while before, at a press conference, the talented creative midfielder expressed gratitude after a classy shot, stuck to Jorge De Olivera’s right post. He was not weighed at all by the pressure of having the chance of victory in his hands: “I asked Copetti for the penalty because I wanted to gain confidence. I thank him because he was designated and he gave me the penalty. Obviously it helped me a lot to gain confidence.”

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It was, thus, his second goal with the Academy shirt, both from twelve steps. And it was also a reason for relief because the Colombian returned to the field after the tear in the biceps femoris in his right leg that he had suffered on March 5, in the 1-0 against Talleres. During the celebration, he kissed his leg that he had damaged due to a personal matter that he did not want to reveal. “It was a cry of happiness,” he said, “because it means a lot in my life. The people who are behind me know the meaning of that.”

Cardona and the kiss to the knee in the celebration.

Cardona and the kiss to the knee in the celebration.

In the midst of his satisfaction at his return with a goal, Cardona took advantage of the presence of the microphones to let his discharge flow for words that had bothered him. He did not name names, but noted: “There were comments… Colleagues who said that my injury was good for the team. And it was said by people who played football. And if the same thing had been said of him when they were outside, they weren’t going to like it. As they say, among colleagues we can’t step on the hose. I will never wish ill on anyone, least of all a colleague.”


Edwin also tried to detach himself from any excess responsibility that may be assigned to him in the team. And he used an analogy with other sports in order to demonstrate the collective spirit of him. “They didn’t bring me to Racing to play alone. We are a team. I didn’t come to play tennis or ping pong. We are 35 players and the Teacher (Gago) will choose,” he released.

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He also assured that he would have no problem being a substitute: “If I hadn’t had to get injured and I had to go out, I would also accept it. Just because they brought me in doesn’t mean I have to play every game. Not at all. If on Wednesday (against Cuiabá from Brazil, for the South American) I don’t have to play, I’ll be calm and I’ll give the same strength to my teammates”. By the way, the group, Edwin recognized him. They had been doing an extraordinary job. I feel happy with how they perform on the field of play. That helps me to work harder to continue competing for a position. Happy with the team’s performance,” he said.

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After the injury, Cardona returned to the bench against River Plate of Uruguay, for the South American, and did not add minutes. Gago took him slow and even did a physical reconditioning that he needed. Cardona himself admitted: “Suddenly I rushed to play, I had to have a good preseason (NdeR: he joined the last one late due to the Covid and the delays in the negotiations). Right now I did it again, I recovered well. And the performance of my team makes me happy. I have to compete and try twice as hard because I know my teammates are doing very well. And I’m always the first to congratulate them.”