The interior of the Independiente bar burns: an alliance, a shootout, two ambushes and the fear of the final battle

Loquillo Rodríguez (first from the left) and Juani (black champion), in one of the photos that confirm the merger of the factions

The war is no longer verbalized by Avellaneda. Now everything went into action. So Independent it is a hell whose devils are more unleashed than ever. Since Monday, the fight to see who gets the Red’s grandstand had an episode of shooting, two ambushes that miraculously left no deaths and a crucial intervention by the City Police and the Gendarmerie that stopped a battle that was anticipated as the mother of all battles in time. Thus, in this climate today the Red plays in the Ricardo Bochini for the South American Cup against Sports La Guaira. With a gigantic security operation made up of more than 750 men attentive to cover every space in this cauldron of the devil.

as narrated InfobaeTwo weeks ago, the Somos Nosotros faction, led by Cesar Loquillo Rodriguezdecided to join the official baptized Los Dueños de Avellaneda and with Juan Ignacio Leczniki as a boss In front he was left alone Pablo Bebote Alvarez with his Red Devils. These alliances between intimate enemies (in September of last year they had shot each other near the Miter headquarters) generated Bebote’s reaction, who began to believe that he should quickly define the contest so as not to lose people. And then he started sending messages to the other faction. He picked up the glove the brother of Mario Nadalich, capo in Villa Zabaleta and number two of the official faction, who had been attacked by Bebote in Paraguay. And he went to the house of the former leader in the town of La Reja, but the reception was not what he expected. If he didn’t leave, he probably didn’t tell her.

Álvarez felt that they had crossed the line when they went to his home and then he grabbed two of his henchmen, Adrian Tortuga Garcia and the Tano Adrian Bertoneto go to the club United Youth of Barracks, where Los Dueños de Avellaneda meet. There was only Juani Leczniki’s brother, alias Huevito, who would have been pointed at with a revolver to make it clear that the thing was serious. Since the rest were not there, Bebote withdrew, but Huevito called his brother and after ten blocks there was an ambush that did not have a miraculous fatal outcome. According to the complaint of a neighbor named Claudio whose call was recorded in 911, in Iriarte at 2500 there was a shooting of at least eight detonations. When the police personnel arrived, there was no one left in the area.

The operation in the Juventud Unida de Barracas club, which stopped the confrontation
The operation in the Juventud Unida de Barracas club, which stopped the confrontation

After these episodes, the Bebote faction gathered its people in Avellaneda under the slogan “Come all the neighborhoods we are going on an excursion”. It was not said where, but everyone knew the tourist place to visit: the Club Juventud Unida de Barracas. The proposal was to start meeting at 6:00 p.m. in Avellaneda and leave around 8:00 p.m. for Barracas. The City Police obtained the data and militarized the area from 5:00 p.m. and stopped what could have been a fatal war. In the midst of all this, the legal cases that were opened for the latest clashes are stopped. That of threats and public commotion against Bebote Álvarez had no movement, and those of resistance to authority and injuries against Loquillo and his people have a slow process. Strangely, there is none on the official bar. Some argue that their closeness to Truckers and the leadership acts as a protective shield. Things that are told by Avellaneda.

The truth is that the concern for tonight’s game put security on high alert. The match is scheduled for 7:15 p.m., but the operation will begin four hours before, covering all the surrounding areas, from the Capital entrance drop where the official faction arrives to the supermarket beach where Álvarez’s people usually meet. The attorney general of Avellaneda, William Castroalso took action on the matter: he assigned a specific prosecutor’s office for crimes in the field of sporting events in charge of Dr. Mario Prieto so that from now on everything falls under the same investigation unit and thus be able to centralize the information and go with the sum of crimes due to illicit association, a figure that is difficult to prove when the processes are dispersed in several UFIs.

Bebote Álvarez's faction called the barracks to the Barracas club to settle the differences, but the City Police anticipated
Bebote Álvarez’s faction called the barracks to the Barracas club to settle the differences, but the City Police anticipated


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