The ideal replacement for Julián Álvarez in River, according to artificial intelligence, would be José López

“Everything would indicate that Julián Álvarez is going to leave in the middle of the year,” he acknowledged in the last hours Jorge Britopresident of River, taking away weight from the option he has to retain him until December, due to the clause that Manchester City has in his favor to incorporate him in the last week of June.

“We have him on loan until December and City have to pay 1.5 million euros to take Julián in the last week of June. You cannot go against reality and it is Julián’s sports career. Everything would indicate that he is going to leave in the middle of the year, and surely they will notify us officially when the time comes, but obviously we are going to fight until the end so that he stays, “ Brito said in an interview with radius 10.

From here, artificial intelligence took a step forward and has already analyzed what would be the ideal replacement options for the Cordovan, author of 41 goals in his 107 professional games at River and they are: Jose Manuel Lopez (Lanus), Miguel Merential (Defense and Justice), Nicolás “Uvita” Fernández (San Lorenzo) and Facundo Farías”.

The “Garnet” player heads the row of “ideals”, according to data analyzed by the artificial intelligence of Olocip, which was determined for the striker born in San Lorenzo, Corrientes, on December 6, 2000, whose average for the current season is 6.98. The contextualized performance prediction throws for him the best position.

The best replacements for Julián Álvarez in River, according to artificial intelligence

The best replacements for Julián Álvarez in River, according to artificial intelligence.

In an interview he gave in November 2021 to the journalist Mariano Verrina, from the newspaper Clarion, José Manuel “El Flaco” López, spoke about how the jump to first, silver and recognition impacted him, in answers that are reproduced as published.

You’ve already made the leap and you stand out in First but you’re still very young, how do you not get dizzy?

It happened to me as soon as I debuted, you deviate a little. Everyone talks to you, you’re everyone’s friend, they invite you everywhere, they ask for your shirt, they want a photo… And for doing that, for saying yes to everyone, I ended up going to bed late or doing something stupid and then paying for it in the workouts because he didn’t perform the same. I think that lasted a week. I realized that it wasn’t like that. And you also realize that the only ones who are always there are the same ones, the family and the usual friends. It is very easy for the guy who just came up to get sidetracked or believe it.

What things in the environment do you not like?

What takes you to that side, to believe you more than you are. The soccer player is idolized too much. And then the soccer player believes he is untouchable or that he has other rights that an ordinary person does not have. For me it is not like that. The issue is the repercussion and more if it goes well for you, because the dream of every Argentine is to play football. The footballer is already associated with being a canchero. And it’s true, there are many like that, but you can’t put them all in the same bag. If a 14 or 15-year-old boy has a contract with a brand or has a representative, it is very easy for him to believe it. What I see is that the opposite happens: if you add to your conditions being calm, being transparent, being a good person, you will do better, more people will love you.

And in the middle of all that is the twine.

Sure. What I earn in a month is what a friend of mine earns in the whole year and that’s rare. What happens to me is that I say “how crazy: I play football, I do what I like and on top of that they pay me”. And on top of that, people love you, they make you feel like a phenomenon. Luckily that didn’t make me dizzy, I take it easy. I don’t like to show off or demonstrate or anything. I like to be calm, go to the field, spend time with my family, I don’t even play Play.

Comparison of Julián Álvarez with José López

How the true impact of a player on his team’s game is determined, according to Olocip

The Artificial Intelligence system learned from millions of plays objectively scores each action that is carried out on the field of play to assess the impact that each player has on the performance of his team and the rival. This information offers a rigorous objective assessment of the state of form of the own players and rivals.

The system analyzes all the actions of each player at each moment of the match, depending on how it affects the probability of scoring and conceding for his team.

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