The great winning header for Carlos Tevez’s Rosario Central to win a hot classic against Newell’s in the Professional League

Tevez’s team won the Rosario classic 1-0, with the goal scored by Alejo Veliz almost at the end of the first stage. The duel began with Newell’s playing better, but then Central matched the process and was able to take the lead. The second stage was played with a knife between its teeth and Central was able to withstand a team that only reached its area with pure heart and could not achieve a draw. One half of Rosario will be the one to celebrate this enormous triumph.

Veliz scored a header from 1 to 0 so that all the central defenders celebrated the victory in the Rosario classic against Newell’sTHE NATION/Marcelo Way

Incredible how much Funez missed. An arrival of the visitor was with a cross to Rossi that lowered it, he finished off badly, but It was left to the youth of Leprosy who turned inside the area and shot outside with the left leg. Tevez’s team was miraculously saved.

Newell’s has the ball and Central is waiting for him, you can feel the fatigue in the players of both teams in a game that had a lot of intensity.

Newell’s and a corner kick that he could not execute for several minutes because some Central fans threw all kinds of projectiles onto the field. Referee Espinoza warned that if they continue to throw things from the stands, he will suspend the game.

Sanguinetti bets on Funez and Garro to give his team offensive weight. The visitor does not hurt the goal of Tevez’s team who endures, but goes on a counterattack in search of the second goal that liquidates the classic.

A very hard entrance of the Colombian Willer Ditta against Franco Frías was yellow for referee Espinoza, but because of the vehemence it could have been something else. The match referee had dialogue with the VAR, but they confirmed that the payment was correct.

The Colombian Willer Ditta could not connect a great cross to the far post. The defender missed the kick to the ball and in this way, Leprosy could not reach the tie.

Tevez bets on the speed of Frias and also on Benítez to cover the left side. Also, after a few seconds, Montoya could not continue due to pain in his ankle and was replaced by MacAllister. Thus, Central has no more changes in the absence of 25 minutes.

The visitor, faced with the need to find a tie, takes possession of the ball. It is not deep and the local bet against Lautaro Blanco on the left, the fastest footballer they have among the starters.

A great counter started by Infantino with an excellent pass to Blanco from the left. The ball went to Veliz that could be the hero, but the goalkeeper Herrera, first and then the defender Velázquez, saved Leprosy.

Central defeats Newell’s by 1 to 0 in the match corresponding to the first date 9 of the Professional Soccer League. Sanguinetti’s team will have to go out and look for the game if they want to settle at the top of the championship. The second half of the Rosario classic is already disputed.

The goal in the end gave a bit of justice to the Rosario classic in which Central defeated Newell’s 1-0 with a headed goal by Alejo Veliz. The visitor started better, Pérez had it with an incredible shot to the post, with the passing of minutes the local was able to reverse the process and reached the opening of the scoreboard. Neither of them wants to lose, the first part was played pressing and fighting all the divisions by both teams.

El Canalla was a little better, but with pure substance. After a foul in three quarters of the field, Candia executed a great cross to the area. There was Alejo Veliz who jumped higher than everyone and with his head, from the height of the penalty spot, he made it 1-0 for Tevez’s team. The Gigante de Arroyito exploded with the goal a few minutes before the end of the first stage.

Now it is Central that imposes conditions in the game and Newell’s feels it. This made his leg much stronger in the middle since the visit, first Fernández and then Lema who got the yellow card. As in every clash, both teams play a lot.

The visitor was badly stopped. Lautaro Blanco ran down the left and sent a great cross into the area, low where he entered Gino Infantino who had everything to score, but it took a while longer and between Pablo Pérez and the goalkeeper they saved Newell’s.

Facundo Buonanotte made sense after the controversial play in which Espinoza, supported by the VAR, decided not to charge a penalty, that is why the 17-year-old youth had to be replaced by Giani Infantino.

Sanguinetti’s team takes advantage of win the ball in midfield through Fernandez and Perez. In addition, they associate well with Sordo and García who stepped into the area and defined crosswise, with little angle, but warning in the rival area.

Great move from the Sanguinetti team. Sordo started from the left and hit a shot on goal without an angle, Servio took it out and García did not arrive, all the defenders passed by and the ball was left to him. Pablo Pérez who crashed his shot against the post with the entire arc free, in a clear scoring situation for Leprosy.

A local attack ended with the ball at the feet of Facundo Buonanotte. Julián Fernández crossed it inside after the area, after the Central soccer player’s center. The entire bench of substitutes and several fans called for a foul and he was even lying on the floor and had to be taken care of. Espinoza relied on the VAR, but they did not receive the maximum penalty.

Newell’s has the most ball, but his attacks don’t hurt Central. After a corner Sforza had the lawsuit left to finish off the goal and his shot was weak at the hands of Servius.

They already play at the Gigante Stadium in Arroyito. The visitor wants to be one of the leaders of the Professional League, while the locals want to move away from the bottom positions.

With an incredible reception by the fans of Rosario Central to their players, both teams are already in the field of play of the Gigante de Arroyito. With flags, a giant curtain, fireworks, flares and the shout of the people that filled the stadium, the Central soccer players were welcomed.

Central and Newell’s e faced between amateurism and professionalism in 273 occasions with 92 victories for the Scoundrel and 77 for Leprosy. The tie is the most predominant result in the Rosario classic with 102 meetings. There are two games that the AFA gave up for lost both due to incidents. The last clash between the two was on March 20 of this year, on the same stage where it will be played today, with a 1-0 victory for Newell’s with a goal from Juan Manuel García.

Both Tevez and Sanguinetti they announced the footballers who will be among the headlines in the game this Thursday. The premises will go with Gaspar Servio; Ismael Cortez, Javier Báez, Facundo Almada and Lautaro Blanco; Facundo Buonanotte, Mateo Tanlongo, Juan Rodríguez and Alejo Véliz; Walter Montoya and Jhonatan Candia.

La Leprosy ordered the following 11: Franco Herrera; Armando Méndez, Gustavo Velázquez, Cristian Lema, Willer Ditta and Francisco González; Pablo Pérez, Julián Fernández and Sebastián Sforza; Juan Manuel Garcia and Ramiro Sordo.

The game will be broadcast espnpremium, but it can also be seen online through cable operator and satellite TV platforms, such as Flow or DirecTVGo. In all cases it is required to be a client, but also to have the Soccer Pack. Plus, live coverage on THE NATION It will include the narration and the images of the main actions of the match, minute by minute.

We begin the coverage of one of the most attractive duels of the ninth date of the Professional League. In the Rosario classic, the Scoundrel receives the Leper, in the Giant of Arrotiyo. Both teams arrive at this joint with different realities. Sanguinetti’s team will seek the victory that will make them reach the top, while Tevez’s team wants to move away from the bottom of the table. Fernando Espinoza will be the referee of this match.

Juanchón García's goal that defined the last classic in favor of Newell's against Central
Juanchón García’s goal that defined the last classic in favor of Newell’s against Central
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